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Tree species impoverishment and the future flora of the Atlantic forest of northeast Brazil
Estimates of species extinction due to human impact on tropical forests have previously been based on the relationship between species number and area. Here we use a different approach to estimateExpand
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Ecologia e conservação da caatinga
O conteudo e apresentacao em quatro secoes: Secao 1 - Padroes de diversidade e distribuicao de especies em escala regional; Secao 2 - Padroes de diversidade e distribuicao de especies em escalaExpand
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Conservation planning and the IUCN Red List
Systematic conservation planning aims to identify comprehensive protected area networks that together will minimize biodiversity loss. Importantly, conservation planners seek to determine where toExpand
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Introduced and Invading Birds in Belém, Brazil
Statut et repartition de 6 especes d'oiseaux qui ont ete introduites par l'homme ou qui ont agrandi leur aire de repartition pour profiter des modifications de l'habitat liees a l'urbanisation de laExpand
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Can avian distribution patterns in Northern Argentina be related to gallery-forest expansion-retraction caused by quaternary climatic changes?
ROBIN, J. P., Y. CHEREL, H. GIRARD, A. GELOEN, AND Y. LE MAHO. 1987. Uric acid and urea in relation to protein catabolism in long-term fasting geese. J. Comp. Physiol. B Comp. Biochem. 157:491-499.Expand
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The Avifauna of the Caatinga: Biogeography, Ecology, and Conservation
The Caatinga harbors 548 species 24of birds, of which 67 species or subspecies originated within the region. The regional avifauna has been assembled over time as a consequence of speciation in situExpand
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