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Does Education cause better Health? A Panel Data Analysis Using School Reforms for Identification
Abstract We address whether the relationship between education and health can be interpreted causally. Alternatively, both may be determined by common unobserved factors such as individual timeExpand
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Probit Models with Binary Endogenous Regressors
Sample selection and endogeneity are frequent causes of biases in non-experimental empirical studies. In binary models a standard solution involves complex multivariate models. A simple approximationExpand
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The effect of public financial aid on dropout from and completion of university education: evidence from a student grant reform
There is limited and uncertain evidence on how financial aid affects dropout from or the completion of higher education. A large-scale reform of the Danish student grant and loan system that amongExpand
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The Impact of Public Student Grants on Drop-Out and Completion of Higher Education - Evidence from a Student Grant Reform
There is little consensus on how financial aid affects drop-out from or completion of higher education, yet huge amounts are spent on financial aid for higher education. This study adds to theExpand
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Endogeneity and Heterogeneity in LDV Panel Data Models
We extend three existing cross-sectional limited dependent variable (LDV) estimators, that allow for endogenous regressors, to a panel data model. We focus on estimation of effects of timeinvariantExpand
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Exploring the relationship between costs and quality: Does the joint evaluation of costs and quality alter the ranking of Danish hospital departments?
ObjectiveThe purpose is to evaluate the relationship between costs and quality and to assess whether the joint evaluation of costs and quality affects the ranking of hospital departments relative toExpand
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In sickness and in health—Till education do us part: Education effects on hospitalization
This study provides the first estimates of the causal impact of education on hospitalization. It improves upon existing studies on health and education by using a larger data set and more efficientExpand
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The Demand for Health Care by the Poor under Universal Health Care Coverage
  • J. N. Arendt
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  • Journal of Human Capital
  • 1 December 2012
This study addresses the use of health care by the poor in a universal health care system. The results show that the poor make the least use of all health care services, with or without copayments.Expand
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The Effect of a Wage Subsidy on Employment in the Subsidised Firm
This paper examines the magnitude of the employment effects of the Danish wage subsidy on small private firms in 2006. In 2006 about 40% of individuals employed with wage subsidy were employed onExpand
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