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Reclassification of the Angraecum-alliance (Orchidaceae, Vandoideae) based on molecular and morphological data
Results of molecular analysis compared with morphological studies were used for reclassification of the Angraecumalliance (Orchidaceae) and five new genera are described including a key to the genera.
Taxonomic Position and Phylogeny of the Genus Vargasiella (Orchidaceae, Vandoideae) Based on Molecular and Morphological Evidence
The molecular analysis and morphological data suggest that Vargasiella and Warrea could have evolved from a common ancestor, which seems to be an outshoot of the main branch of evolution of the Zygopetaleae.
Taxonomic study of Polystachya Hook. (Orchidaceae) from Asia
In Asia, three species of Polystachya (Orchidaceae) are recognized, based on detailed morphological studies. They occur in southern Asia, from Tamil Nadu State in southern India and Yunnan Province
Taxonomy of the Subtribe Maxillariinae (Orchidaceae, Vandoideae) revised
A new classification of the subtribe Maxillariinae (Orchidaceae) is proposed and thirty-seven genera are revised, 193 new combinations on the species level are validated and the relationships are briefly discussed.
New species of the genus Epistephium (Orchidaceae, Vanilloideae)
The morphological study of the herbarium material representing Epistephium led to the discovery of two groups of specimens that significantly differ from all known species of the genus, which are described as E. garayi and E.kubiyuense.
Three new species of Myrosmodes (Orchidaceae, Spiranthoideae) from Colombia and Ecuador
Three new species of the Andean genus Myrosmodes are described and illustrated, and detailed habitat and distribution data are provided, and details of endemism in the Andes and Tropical Andes biodiversity hotspot are presented.
Phylogenetic Placement and Taxonomy of the Genus Hederorkis (Orchidaceae)
Three plastid regions, matK, rpl32-trnL and rpl16 intron and the ITS1-5.8S-ITS2 nuclear ribosomal DNA were used to demonstrate a phylogenetic placement of the genus Hederorkis (Orchidaceae) for the
Chelystachya, a new genus of the subtribe Polystachyinae (Orchidaceae)
Chelystachya, a new genus of the subtribe Polystachyinae (Orchidaceae) is described and illustrated basing on results of molecular and morphological studies and results of phylogenetic analyses based on plastid markers validate the reason for the new genus.
Two new species of Polystachya Hook. (Orchidaceae) from Africa
Two new species of Polystachya Hook are described and illustrated, occurring from the Democratic Republic of Congo and Cameroon, which is the only pantropical section in the genus.