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Oxygen isotope calibration of the onset of ice-rafting and history of glaciation in the North Atlantic region
We report here that DSDP Site 552A, cored with the hydraulic piston corer on the west flank of Rockall Bank, recovered an undisturbed sequence of alternating white deep-sea carbonate oozes andExpand
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Export flux of particulate organic carbon from the central equatorial Pacific determined using a combined drifting trap-234Th approach
The export flux of particulate organic carbon from the euphotic zone in the central equatorial Pacific was measured using an approach that utilizes 234Th and organic carbon analyses on water columnExpand
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Hydrographic properties and ventilation of the Black Sea
Using hydrographic data collected by CTD during five cruises of the 1988 Black Sea Oceanographic Expedition, from 16 April to 29 July 1988, we describe the distribution of potential temperature (θ),Expand
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Molecular Architecture of the "Stressosome," a Signal Integration and Transduction Hub
A commonly used strategy by microorganisms to survive multiple stresses involves a signal transduction cascade that increases the expression of stress-responsive genes. Stress signals can beExpand
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Modeling sorption of divalent metal cations on hydrous manganese oxide using the diffuse double layer model
Manganese oxides are important scavengers of trace metals and other contaminants in the environment. The inclusion of Mn oxides in predictive models, however, has been difficult due to the lack of aExpand
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Large changes in oceanic nutrient inventories from glacial to interglacial periods
CHANGES in ocean chemistry and circulation have been invoked to explain the lower atmospheric CO2 concentrations of glacial periods observed in ice-core records1. The processes that modulate theseExpand
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Suboxic trace metal geochemistry in the Eastern Tropical North Pacific
Abstract We analyzed Al, Ti, Fe, Mn, Cu, Ba, Cd, U, Mo, V, and Re in water column, settling particulate, and sediment (0 to 22 cm) samples from the intense oxygen minimum zone (OMZ) of the easternExpand
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Variations in the chemistry of the Black Sea on a time scale of decades (1960–1995)
We use data collected on 52 cruises from 1960 to 1995 to analyze the decadal variability in basic chemical properties (oxygen, sulfide, nitrate, phosphate and silicate) throughout the water column ofExpand
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Iron isotopes in the seawater of the equatorial Pacific Ocean: New constraints for the oceanic iron cycle
Abstract This study presents the isotopic compositions and concentrations of dissolved and particulate iron from two seawater profiles of the western and central equatorial Pacific Ocean, sampledExpand
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