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Fractal dimensions in perceptual color space: a comparison study using Jackson Pollock's art.
  • J. Mureika
  • Physics, Mathematics
  • Chaos
  • 17 September 2005
It is determined that the RGB filtering method underestimates the perceived fractal dimension of lighter-colored patterns but not of darker ones, if the same selection criteria is applied to each. Expand
Multifractal structure in nonrepresentational art.
The data suggest that the "edge" method can distinguish between artists in the same movement and is proposed to represent a toy model of visual discrimination. Expand
The Abstract Expressionists and Les Automatistes: A shared multi-fractal depth?
A multifractal analysis of 'poured' paintings from the Abstract Expressionism and Les Automatistes movements shows that, although the D"0 and D"~ values vary between individual paintings, the collection of paintings exhibit a similar depth, suggesting a shared visual characteristic for this genre. Expand
Commentaries on Viewpoint : The two-hour marathon : Who and when ?
TO THE EDITOR: It was with great interest that we read the Journal of Applied Physiology Viewpoint on the 2-h marathon barrier (3). We would argue that, alongside having a superlative V̇O2max,Expand
Detecting vanishing dimensions via primordial gravitational wave astronomy.
This work proposes a universal maximum frequency at which primordial waves can propagate, marked by the transition between dimensions, and shows that this cutoff frequency may be accessible to future gravitational wave detectors such as the Laser Interferometer Space Antenna. Expand
And the Winner Is . . . Predicting the Outcome of the 150m Showdown
Using the model framework for curve running as described in physics/9704022, the possible outcome of the 150m "One to One" showdown between sprinters Donovan Bailey and Michael Johnson are discussedExpand
9.84 vs. 9.84: The Battle of Bruny and Bailey
At the recent 1999 World Athletics Championships in Sevilla, Spain, Canada's Bruny Surin matched Donovan Bailey's National and former World Record 100 m mark of 9.84 s. The unofficial times for each,Expand
J un 2 00 5 On Multifractal Structure in Non-Representational Art
Multifractal analysis techniques are applied to patterns in several abstract expressionist artworks, paintined by various artists. The analysis is carried out on two distinct types of structures: theExpand
Predicting Baseball Home Run Records Using Exponential Frequency Distributions
A new model, which uses the frequency of individuals' annual home run totals, is employed to predict future home run totals and records in Major League Baseball. Complete home run frequency data fromExpand
Multifractal comparison of the painting techniques of adults and children
Statistical analysis of art, particularly of the abstract genre, is becoming an increasingly important tool for understanding the image creation process. We present a multifractal clustering analysisExpand