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Restocking and stock enhancement of marine invertebrate fisheries.
1. Introduction 2. Restocking Initiatives 2.1 Giant Clams 2.2 Topshell 2.3 Sea Cucumbers 3. Stock Enhancement Initiatives 3.1 Scallops 3.2 Other Bivalves 3.3 Abalone 3.4 Queen Conch 3.5 Shrimps 3.6Expand
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Predicting self-recruitment in marine populations: biophysical correlates and mechanisms
Mounting evidence suggests that some populations of benthic marine organisms may be less demographically 'open' than previously thought. The degree to which a population receives recruits from localExpand
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A simple method for comparing the growth of fishes and invertebrates
When studying the growth of tropical fishes and invertebrates, the question of validation of growth parameters estimates often arises, due to the lact of reliability of some of the methods used inExpand
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Caribbean coral reef fishery resources
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The spawning seasons of Caribbean reef fishes
Observations are recorded on the time of spawning of 83 species of Caribbean reef fishes. Details of seasonal variations in the percentage of sexually active fishes are given for 35 species. TheExpand
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Aspects of the biology and ecology of Caribbean reef fishes: Serranidae (hinds and groupers)
Hinds and groupers (Teleostei, Serranidae) form a valuable component of catches of reef fishes in the Caribbean Sea and adjacent regions. Investigations of species in Jamaican waters have coveredExpand
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Enhancement of marine fisheries resources
Abstract Many exploited stocks of aquatic organisms are limited by the supply of juveniles and many also suffer from recruitment overfishing. Consequently, there is much interest in stock‐enhanceme...
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Settlement, movement and early juvenile mortality of the yellowtail snapper Ocyurus chrysurus
Visual censuses of recently settled yellowtail snapper Ocyurus chrysurus were made within a grid measuring 50 · 25 m established in a <1 m deep seagrass (Thalassia testudinum) bed in the BritishExpand
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