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Introducing Translation Studies: Theories and Applications
A visual tour of Introducing Translation Studies List of figures and tables Acknowledgements List of abbreviations Introduction Chapter 1 Main issues of translation studies Chapter 2 TranslationExpand
Translation: An Advanced Resource Book
Translation in the Information Technology Era: Developing Words and Cultures.Section A: Introduction A1. Expand
The Routledge Companion to Translation Studies
Translation as Text Production. Translation as Intercultural Communication Translation, Ethics and Politics. Translation as a Profession. Issues in Audiovisual Translation
Evaluation in Translation: Critical points of translator decision-making
Introduction 1. Evaluation and Translation 2. The Interpretation of Political Speech 3. The View from the Technical Translators 4. The Literary Translator and Reviser 5. Translation Variation and itsExpand
Introducing Translation Studies
s (quantities and qualities, including adjectives); relationals (including gender, prepositions and conjunctions). Examples of analysis (Nida 1964a: 64), designed to illustrate the differentExpand
Style and ideology in translation : Latin American writing in English
Introduction 1 Discursive presence, voice and style in translation 2 Ideological macro-context in the translation of Latin America 3 The classic translator pre-1960: Harriet de Onis 4 One author,Expand
A Computer-assisted Approach to the Analysis of Translation Shifts
This article is an analysis of shifts in Seventeen Poisoned Englishmen, Edith Grossman's English translation, of a novel in Spanish by Gabriel Garcia Marquez. It makes use of a variety of basic toolsExpand
Translation and Ideology
Abstract This article investigates essential questions regarding ideology and language from a translation studies perspective. Adopting a broad-based approach, it examines what is meant by ‘ideology’Expand
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