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Introducing Translation Studies: Theories and Applications
A visual tour of Introducing Translation Studies List of figures and tables Acknowledgements List of abbreviations Introduction Chapter 1 Main issues of translation studies Chapter 2 TranslationExpand
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Translation: An Advanced Resource Book
Translation in the Information Technology Era: Developing Words and Cultures.Section A: Introduction A1. Expand
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Towards an optimized all lattice-matched InAlAs/InGaAsP/InGaAs multijunction solar cell with efficiency >50%
An approach for an all lattice-matched multijunction solar cell optimized design is presented with 5.807 A lattice constant, together with a detailed analysis of its performance by means of fullExpand
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Light absorption enhancement in thin-film solar cells using whispering gallery modes in dielectric nanospheres.
Freely propagating sunlight can be diffractively coupled and transformed into several guided whispering gallery modes within an array of wavelength scale dielectric spheres. Incident optical power isExpand
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Design considerations for plasmonic photovoltaics.
This paper reviews the recent research progress in the incorporation of plasmonic nanostructures with photovoltaic devices and the potential for surface plasmon enhanced absorption. We first outlineExpand
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Novel nanostructured paper with ultrahigh transparency and ultrahigh haze for solar cells.
Solar cell substrates require high optical transparency but also prefer high optical haze to increase the light scattering and consequently the absorption in the active materials. Unfortunately,Expand
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Measured long-range repulsive Casimir–Lifshitz forces
Quantum fluctuations create intermolecular forces that pervade macroscopic bodies. At molecular separations of a few nanometres or less, these interactions are the familiar van der Waals forces.Expand
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Solar Cell light trapping beyond the ray optic limit.
In 1982, Yablonovitch proposed a thermodynamic limit on light trapping within homogeneous semiconductor slabs, which implied a minimum thickness needed to fully absorb the solar spectrum. However,Expand
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Approaching the limits of transparency and conductivity in graphitic materials through lithium intercalation.
Various band structure engineering methods have been studied to improve the performance of graphitic transparent conductors; however, none has demonstrated an increase of optical transmittance in theExpand
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Superluminal time advance of a complex audio signal
There has been much recent interest in the study of superluminal pulse propagation; however, all previous findings have been extremely limited, only observing superluminal group velocities for simpleExpand
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