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Treatment of dairy wastewater using constructed wetlands and intermittent sand filters.
In Ireland, the most common method of disposal of dairy parlour washings is by land spreading. This treatment method has numerous problems, namely high-labour requirements and the potential forExpand
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Denitrification of a Nitrate-Rich Synthetic Wastewater Using Various Wood-Based Media Materials
This laboratory study examined the use of various wood materials as a carbon source in horizontal flow filters to denitrify nitrate-nitrogen (NO3-N) from a synthetic wastewater. The filter materialsExpand
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Recirculating sand filters for treatment of synthetic dairy parlor washings.
Land-spreading and spray irrigation are the most widely used practices for the disposal of dairy wastewaters in Ireland but in some cases there can be problems due to contamination of surface andExpand
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Organic carbon removal and nitrification of high strength wastewaters using stratified sand filters.
The current practice of spray irrigation of dairy parlour wastewaters is laborious and time consuming. Intermittent sand filtration systems may offer an alternative to spray irrigation when designedExpand
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The Performance of Fibrous Peat Biofilters in Treating Domestic Strength Wastewater
Peat is an abundant resource in Ireland and has the capacity to be used in low-cost, low-maintenance wastewater treatment systems for single houses. In this study four fibrous peat columns, ofExpand
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Performance of a stratified sand filter in removal of chemical oxygen demand, total suspended solids and ammonia nitrogen from high-strength wastewaters.
A stratified sand filter column, operated in recirculation mode and treating synthetic effluent resembling high-strength dairy wastewaters was studied over a 342-d duration. The aim of this paper wasExpand
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Percolation testing and hydraulic conductivity of soils for percolation areas.
The results of specific percolation tests are expressed in terms of field saturated hydraulic conductivity (Kfs) of the soil. The specific tests comprise the Irish SR 6 and the UK BS 6297 standardExpand
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One of the primary requirements for X-33 is that it be capable of flying autonomously. That is, onboard computers must be capable of commanding the entire flight from launch to landing, includingExpand
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Organic carbon and nitrogen removal from a strong wastewater using a denitrifying suspended growth reactor and a horizontal-flow biofilm reactor.
Recirculation of fully nitrified effluent from a laboratory horizontal-flow biofilm reactor (HFBR) to a mixed pre-denitrification reactor (DR) was used to remove organic carbon and nitrogen fromExpand
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Influence of soil type on certain quality characteristics of potatoes
SummaryA number of varieties were grown on two contrasting types of soil, one a mineral soil derived from limestone, the other a fen peat. The resulting potatoes were compared in the boiled conditionExpand
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