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Effects of Pramlintide, an Analog of Human Amylin, on Plasma Glucose Profiles in Patients With IDDM: Results of a Multicenter Trial
Data indicate that pramlintide effectively reduces plasma glucose concentrations as reflected in both a 24-h glucose profile and a Sustacal test meal while maintaining an acceptable safety profile. Expand
Effects of acetylpromazine maleate on certain cardiorespiratory responses in dogs.
The effect of pulmonary edema on antibacterial defenses of the lung.
It is concluded that pulmonary edema, pharmacologically induced with ANTU or surgically induced with aortic constriction, significantly impairs the antibacterial activity of alveolar macrophages. Expand
Bioavailability studies with etodolac in dogs and man.
Coadministration of an antacid, magaldrate, or the antiulcer agent, sucralfate, had no effect on the bioavailability of etodolac in dogs, although with the latter, a significant reduction in Cmax was noted. Expand
Starvation, glucose, and stress ulcers in the rat.
It is suggested that a critically low glucose or caloric intake may account in part for gastric lesions in the stressed patient. Expand
Aspiration of Blood and Pulmonary Host Defense Mechanisms
If similar impairment in pulmonary host defenses occurred in man following aspiration of blood, the patient with aspiration ofBlood would have an increased susceptibility to bacterial infection. Expand
Common renal vein in the dog.
Renal response to saline load in experimental liver disease.
Sodium retention may occur in experimental liver disease because of hemodynamic factors either impeding tubular flux or causing an abnormal intrarenal distribution of blood flow, decreased glomerular filtration rate, and as a late event, an elevated plasma aldosterone. Expand
Propranolol dosage, plasma concentration, and beta blockade
The relation of propranolol dose and plasma levels to beta blockade in normal subjects appears to reflect observations in large clinical trials. Expand