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The economic effects of constitutions: replicating—and extending—Persson and Tabellini
Persson and Tabellini (The Economic Effects of Constitutions, The MIT Press, Cambridge, 2003) show that presidential regimes and majoritarian election systems have important economic effects. Here,Expand
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Organic superconductors
This article will give an overview on the normal- and superconducting-state properties of organic superconductors. There are a number of review articles on this subject - most of them focus on eitherExpand
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Communication and Cognition
Summarization is a situationally and communicatively bound cognitive task. In the following, we prepare the discussion of situations where summarization takes place, starting with the communicationExpand
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Accumulation of secondary carotenoids in flagellates of Haematococcus pluvialis (Chlorophyta) is accompanied by an increase in per unit chlorophyll productivity of photosynthesis
Flagellates of Haematococcus pluvialis accumulate secondary carotenoids (mainly astaxanthin and its esters) under nitrogen deficiency in combination with exposure to stronger light. Our cultivationExpand
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Sentence comprehension in proficient adult cochlear implant users: On the vulnerability of syntax
We investigated auditory sentence comprehension in a group of thirteen high proficient adult cochlear implant patients using event-related brain potentials. Expand
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The economic effects of direct democracy—a first global assessment
This is the first study that assesses the economic effects of direct democratic institutions on a cross-country basis. We find that total spending as well as spending on welfare is lower in countriesExpand
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Optimal redistributive tax and education policies in general equilibrium
Should a redistributive government optimally subsidize education to provoke a reduction in the skill premium through general equilibrium effects on wages? To answer this question, this paper studiesExpand
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Improving innovation performance through knowledge acquisition: the moderating role of employee retention and human resource management practices
This paper aims to study the effects of knowledge acquisition on innovation performance and the moderating effects of human resource management (HRM), in terms of employee retention and HRM practices, on the above-mentioned relationship. Expand
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Sequence‐structure homology recognition by iterative alignment refinement and comparative modeling
We use the FUGUE sequence‐structure homology recognition program for the fourth critical assessment of techniques for protein structure prediction (CASP4) experiment. Expand
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Understanding business model in the Internet of Things industry
Abstract This research presents the results of an exploratory study of how organisations operating in the Internet of Things (IoT) industry are building and innovating their business model (BM).Expand
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