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Inhibition of interferon signaling by dengue virus
Dengue virus is a worldwide-distributed mosquito-borne flavivirus with a positive strand RNA genome. Its transcribed polyprotein is cleaved by host- and virus-encoded peptidases into 10 proteins,Expand
Inhibition of Alpha/Beta Interferon Signaling by the NS4B Protein of Flaviviruses
ABSTRACT Flaviviruses are insect-borne, positive-strand RNA viruses that have been disseminated worldwide. Their genome is translated into a polyprotein, which is subsequently cleaved by aExpand
Newcastle Disease Virus (NDV)-Based Assay Demonstrates Interferon-Antagonist Activity for the NDV V Protein and the Nipah Virus V, W, and C Proteins
ABSTRACT We have generated a recombinant Newcastle disease virus (NDV) that expresses the green fluorescence protein (GFP) in infected chicken embryo fibroblasts (CEFs). This virus is interferonExpand
Persistence of Zika Virus in Body Fluids - Preliminary Report.
BACKGROUND To estimate the frequency and duration of detectable Zika virus (ZIKV) RNA in human body fluids, we prospectively assessed a cohort of newly infected participants in Puerto Rico. METHODSExpand
Analytical and Clinical Performance of the CDC Real Time RT-PCR Assay for Detection and Typing of Dengue Virus
Dengue is an acute illness caused by the positive-strand RNA dengue virus (DENV). There are four genetically distinct DENVs (DENV-1–4) that cause disease in tropical and subtropical countries. MostExpand
t‐loops at trypanosome telomeres
Mammalian telomeres form large duplex loops (t‐loops) that may sequester chromosome ends by invasion of the 3′ TTAGGG overhang into the duplex TTAGGG repeat array. Here we document t‐loops inExpand
Dengue viremia in blood donors identified by RNA and detection of dengue transfusion transmission during the 2007 dengue outbreak in Puerto Rico
BACKGROUND: In 2007, a total of 10,508 suspected dengue cases were reported in Puerto Rico. Blood donations were tested for dengue virus (DENV) RNA and recipients of RNA‐positive donations traced toExpand
Epidemic dynamics revealed in dengue evolution.
Dengue is an emerging tropical disease infecting tens of millions of people annually. A febrile illness with potentially severe hemorrhagic manifestations, dengue is caused by mosquito-borne virusesExpand
Stable Expression of Mosaic Coats of Variant Surface Glycoproteins in Trypanosoma brucei
The paradigm of antigenic variation in parasites is the variant surface glycoprotein (VSG) of African trypanosomes. Only one VSG is expressed at any time, except for short periods during switching.Expand
Local Transmission of Zika Virus--Puerto Rico, November 23, 2015-January 28, 2016.
Zika virus, a mosquito-borne flavivirus, spread to the Region of the Americas (Americas) in mid-2015, and appears to be related to congenital microcephaly and Guillain-Barré syndrome (1,2). OnExpand