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Rotating polygon instability of a swirling free surface flow.
We explain the rotating polygon instability on a swirling fluid surface [G. H. Vatistas, J. Fluid Mech. 217, 241 (1990) and Jansson et al., Phys. Rev. Lett. 96, 174502 (2006)] in terms of resonantExpand
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Generation of three-dimensional patterns through wave interaction in a model of free surface swirling flow
The free surface flow in a cylindrical tank over a rotating bottom is known to support spectacular three-dimensional patterns, including deformation of the inner free surface into the shape ofExpand
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Waves and instabilities in rotating free surface flows
The stability properties of the rotating free surface flow in a cylindrical container is studied using a global stability approach, considering successively three models. For the case of solid bodyExpand
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Ondes et instabilités dans les écoulements tournants à surface libre
Cette these porte sur l'etude des ondes et instabilites dans les ecoulements tournants a surface libre. On s'interesse en particulier a la situation generique d'un recipient cylindrique partiellementExpand
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On the instabilities of a potential vortex with a free surface
In this paper, we address the linear stability analysis of a confined potential vortex with a free surface. This particular flow has been recently used by Tophoj et al. (Phys. Rev. Lett., vol.Expand
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Synchronized flutter of two slender flags
The interactions and synchronization of two parallel and slender flags in a uniform axial flow are studied in the present paper by generalizing Lighthill's Elongated Body Theory (EBT) and Lighthill'sExpand
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Waves in Newton's bucket
The motion of a liquid in an open cylindrical tank rotating at a constant rate around its vertical axis of symmetry, a configuration called Newton’s bucket, is investigated using a linear stabilityExpand
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Flutter and resonances of a flag near a free surface
Abstract We investigate the effects of a nearby free surface on the stability of a flexible plate in axial flow. Confinement by rigid boundaries is known to affect flag flutter thresholds andExpand