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Multilayered media Green's functions in integral equation formulations
A compact representation is given of the electric- and magnetic-type dyadic Green's functions for plane-stratified, multilayered, uniaxial media based on the transmission-line network analog alongExpand
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Introduction to Genetic Algorithms in Electromagnetics
This article is a tutorial on genetic algorithms to optimize antenna and scattering patterns. Expand
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Integral equation Technique
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PCS antenna design: the challenge of miniaturization
We present some basic rules about electrically small antennas, give clues and guidelines about efficient antenna miniaturization, and, finally, show some examples of miniature antennas developed in our laboratory for practical applications. Expand
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A subdomain multilevel approach for the efficient MoM analysis of large planar antennas
Reference LEMA-ARTICLE-2000-010doi:10.1002/1098-2760(20000820)26:4 3.0.CO;2-CView record in Web of Science Record created on 2006-11-30, modified on 2016-08-08
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On the network characterization of planar passive circuits using the method of moments
The issue of characterizing multiport planar circuits using the method of moments is addressed. For this purpose two commonly encountered excitation models, the delta-gap voltage, and theExpand
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Arbitrarily shaped microstrip structures and their analysis with a mixed potential integral equation
The author gives a comprehensive description of the mixed potential integral equation (MPIE) as applied to microstrip structures. This technique uses Green's functions associated with the scalar andExpand
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Reconfigurable THz Plasmonic Antenna Concept Using a Graphene Stack
The concept and analysis of a Terahertz (THz) frequency-reconfigurable antenna using graphene are presented. The antenna exploits dipole-like plasmonic resonances that can be frequency-tuned on largeExpand
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Analysis and design of terahertz antennas based on plasmonic resonant graphene sheets
Resonant graphene antennas used as true interfaces between terahertz (THz) space waves and a source/detector are presented. It is shown that in addition to the high miniaturization related to theExpand
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Novel Thin and Compact H-Plane SIW Horn Antenna
The substrate integrated waveguide (SIW) technology allows to construct several types of commonly used antennas in a planar way. However, some practical constraints limit their performances whenExpand
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