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Cephalostatins and ritterazines.
This review article is a tribute to the numerous chemists whose relentless effort for the last quarter of a century resulted in the isolation, identification, and finally the chemical synthesis of aExpand
Practical method for the absolute configuration assignment of tert/tert 1,2-diols using their complexes with Mo2(OAc)4.
The practical, simple, and reliable approach is described, which is able to determine the absolute configuration of the carbon atoms in the diol subunit even in flexible tert/tert vic-diols. Expand
Recent advances in cholesterol chemistry
This review article presents advances in cholesterol chemistry since 2000. Various transformations (chemical, enzymatic, electrochemical, etc.) of cholesterol are presented. A special emphasis isExpand
Direct electrochemical acetoxylation of cholesterol at the allylic position
It has been found that cholesterol undergoes direct electrochemical oxidation on platinum electrode in glacial acetic acid containing sodium perchlorate and sodium acetate as supporting electrolytes.Expand
Comparative analysis of plant cuticular waxes using HATR FT-IR reflection technique
Abstract The utility of horizontal attenuated total reflection HATR FT-IR technique for preliminary plant leaf cuticular waxes qualitative analysis was studied. Detection and identification of smallExpand
Electrochemical synthesis of glycoconjugates from activated sterol derivatives
Readily available sterol diphenylphosphates yielding up to 54% of the desired glycoconjugate were found to be the best sterol donors in electrochemical reactions with sugar alcohols. Expand
Convergent Synthesis of Menaquinone-7 (MK-7)
A practical synthesis of menaquinone-7 (MK-7, vitamin K2) in the all-trans form was designed. Stereoselective synthesis of MK-7 was achieved through a “1 + 6” convergent strategy by condensation ofExpand
3α,5α-Cyclocholestan-6β-yl ethers as donors of the cholesterol moiety for the electrochemical synthesis of cholesterol glycoconjugates
3α,5α-Cyclocholestan-6β-yl alkyl and aryl ethers were proved to be efficient cholesteryl donors in the electrochemical synthesis of glycoconjugates. 3α,5α-Cyclocholestan-6β-ol (i-cholesterol) and itsExpand
Approaches Towards the Synthesis of Cephalostatins, Ritterazines and Saponins from Ornithogalum saundersiae - New Natural Products With Cytostatic Activity
Secondary metabolites of marine invertebrates continue to attract the attention of organic chemists, biochemists, and pharmacologists due to their novel structures and potent biological activities.Expand
A practical catalytic method for the preparation of steroidal 1,4-dien-3-ones by oxygen atom transfer from iodoxybenzene to diphenyl diselenide
The dehydrogenation of steroidal 3-ketones can be accomplished in high yield using benzeneseleninic anhydride generated in situ by efficient oxygen atom transfer from iodoxybenzene to catalyticExpand