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Linux security modules: general security support for the linux kernel
The Linux Security Modules (LSM) project has developed a lightweight, general purpose, access control framework for the mainstream Linux kernel that enables many different access control models to be implemented as loadable kernel modules. Expand
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Consequences of Climate Change on the Ecogeomorphology of Coastal Wetlands
Climate impacts on coastal and estuarine systems take many forms and are dependent on the local conditions, including those set by humans. We use a biocomplexity framework to provide a perspective ofExpand
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Time-dependent propagation of high energy laser beams through the atmosphere
The computation of time-dependent three-space-dimensional laser beam propagation is described. The methods are applicable to the propagation of high energy laser beams through the atmosphere in theExpand
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Nonbasal deformation modes of HCP metals and alloys: Role of dislocation source and mobility
A review is presented on the role of dislocation cores and planar faults in activating the nonbasal deformation modes, pyramidal slip and deformation twinning, in hcp metals and alloys and in D019Expand
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Criteria for Predicting the Formation of Single-Phase High-Entropy Alloys
High entropy alloys constitute a new class of materials whose very existence poses fundamental questions. Originally thought to be stabilized by the large entropy of mixing, these alloys haveExpand
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The anisotropic hard-sphere crystal-melt interfacial free energy from fluctuations.
We have calculated the interfacial free energy for the hard-sphere system, as a function of crystal interface orientation, using a method that examines the fluctuations in the height of the interfaceExpand
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Theoretical investigation of the effect of graphite interlayer spacing on hydrogen absorption
This study investigates the absorption of hydrogen molecules between graphite layers using both first principles calculations and classical grand canonical Monte Carlo simulations. While a recentExpand
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Time-dependent propagation of high-energy laser beams through the atmosphere: II
Various factors that can effect thermal blooming in stagnation zone situations are examined, including stagnation-zone motion, longitudinal air motion in the neighborhood of the stagnation zone, andExpand
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Structural optimization of Lennard-Jones clusters by a genetic algorithm
Abstract We use a newly-developed genetic algorithm to determine the lowest energy atomic configurations of 2–100 atoms in the Lennard-Jones potential. Our method, which contains no bias to specificExpand
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Non-basal slip systems in HCP metals and alloys: source mechanisms
Abstract A possible source mechanism for non-basal 〈c+a〉 slip dislocations is proposed based on the formation of an attractive junction between glissile 〈a〉 and sessile c dislocations from the prismExpand
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