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The fundamentals of gamut mapping : A survey
This article aims to give a survey of the fundamentals of gamut mapping by describing the cross-media color reproduction context in which it occurs, by giving definitions of terms used in conjunctionExpand
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To develop a universal gamut mapping algorithm
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Accurate 3D image colour histogram transformation
A method for transforming an image's 3D colour histogram to make it accurately match a predetermined target state is described here. Expand
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A Multi-Resolution, Full-Colour Spatial Gamut Mapping Algorithm
  • J. Morovic, Yu Wang
  • Computer Science
  • Color Imaging Conference
  • 2003
A multi–resolution, full–colour spatial gamut mapping algorithm (GMA) is proposed in this paper. Expand
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Screening and valuing venture capital investments: evidence from Hungary, Poland and Slovakia
This paper examines the screening and valuation approaches used by venture capital firms in emerging markets using evidence from surveys of venture capital firms in Hungary, Poland and Slovakia. TheExpand
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A fast, non-iterative and exact histogram matching algorithm
A fast, non-iterative algorithm is presented for transforming an image so as to give it exactly a given target histogram. Expand
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Visual Differences In Colour Reproduction And Their Colorimetric Correlates
This paper first presents a summary of a psychophysical experiment in which observers made judgements about the types of differences they perceived between originals and reproductions in a cross–media colour image reproduction. Expand
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Verification of Gamut Mapping Algorithms in CIECAM97s Using Various Printed Media
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Evaluating gamut mapping algorithms for universal applicability
The aim of this article is to present the evaluation of gamut mapping algorithms (GMAs) in a series of three experiments intended to serve as the basis for developing solutions that are accurate andExpand
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HANS: Controlling Ink-Jet Print Attributes Via Neugebauer Primary Area Coverages
Ink-jet print attributes such as color gamut, grain, and cost are consequences of the materials and printing technology used and of choices made during color management, color separation, and halftoning operation. Expand
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