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Cropland expansion changes deforestation dynamics in the southern Brazilian Amazon
Pasture remains the dominant land use after forest clearing in Mato Grosso, but the growing importance of larger and faster conversion of forest to cropland defines a new paradigm of forest loss in Amazonia and refutes the claim that agricultural intensification does not lead to new deforestation.
MODIS Leaf Area Index (LAI) And Fraction Of Photosynthetically Active Radiation Absorbed By Vegetation (FPAR) Product
In a device for detecting fluid flow, an elongated body, such as a wire, is supported so that when a substantial portion of its length is exposed to a flowing fluid with the longitudinal axis of said
Validation and intercomparison of global Leaf Area Index products derived from remote sensing data
[1] This study investigates the performances of four major global Leaf Area Index (LAI) products at 1/11.2° spatial sampling and a monthly time step: ECOCLIMAP climatology, GLOBCARBON (from
Evaluation of the consistency of long-term NDVI time series derived from AVHRR,SPOT-vegetation, SeaWiFS, MODIS, and Landsat ETM+ sensors
The statistical and correlation analyses demonstrate that due to the similarity in their overall variance, it is not necessary to choose between the longer time series of AVHRR and the higher quality of the more modern sensors.
The MODIS fire products
Tracking the rhythm of the seasons in the face of global change: phenological research in the 21st century.
Phenology is the study of recurring life-cycle events, classic examples being the flowering of plants and animal migration. Phenological responses are increasingly relevant for addressing applied