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Computations for Markov Chain Usage Models
Preface This document summarizes the basic computations for Markov chain usage models, presents their derivations, and includes Scilab code to compute each of them. The contents of this document areExpand
Programmer eXperience: A Systematic Literature Review
A systematic literature review of papers published over the last ten years related to the definition of the Programmer eXperience (PX) and the PX, UX, and usability factors regarding the programming environments, design documents, and programming codes suggests that further research in this area is necessary. Expand
How "Friendly" Integrated Development Environments Are?
A survey to evaluate the usability of several IDEs, focusing on popular IDEs such as Dev-C++, Eclipse and NetBeans, shows that the IDEs evaluated have several issues related to the usability perceived by participants. Expand
Programmer eXperience: A Set of Heuristics for Programming Environments
A new set of 12 specific heuristics that incorporate concepts of UX and usability of programming environments are defined that have been validated following the methodology proposed by Quinones et al. Expand
Usability Perception of Visual Programming Language: a Case Study
Block programming languages are considered as facilitators of programming learning. Programming languages like Scratch are used by adolescents and children from different countries. Usability is anExpand
Heuristics for Programming Codes
Programmer Experience: A Systematic Mapping
A systematic mapping about Programmer eXperience (PX) found that there is an interest on the PX, but the concept is not yet clearly defined, and established that the studies address usability and PX aspects focusing on four topics. Expand
Students' Perception on Customer eXperience: A Comparative Study
A 2019 comparative study on students’ perception on CX, which follows-up a similar study that was done in 2018, and thinks that including CX as topic in HCI courses is becoming a necessity. Expand