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A study of the workforce in emergency medicine.
The purpose of this study is to determine the total number of physicians practicing clinical emergency medicine during a specified period, to describe certain characteristics of those individuals, and to estimate theTotal number of full-time equivalents (FTEs), as well as thetotal number of individuals needed to staff those FTEs.
Follow-up compliance after emergency department evaluation.
Compliance with follow-up is multifactorial and consultant contact at the time of initial patient evaluation and provision of a return visit appointment at thetime of ED release should improve compliance in a university hospital setting.
Survey of Emergency Medical Technicians' Ability to Cope with the Deaths of Patients During Prehospital Care
EMTs perceive they have emotional difficulty when prehospital deaths occur and survivors must be notified, and factors that made notification of the family about the prehospital death emotionally difficult included fewer hours worked/month; working in a smaller community; lower level of EMT training; female gender; and fewer deaths seen during the previous year.
Human error in medicine: promise and pitfalls, part 1.
Abstract [Wears RL, Janiak B, Moorhead JC, Kellermann AL, Yeh CS, Rice MM, Jay G, Perry SJ, Woolard RJ. Human error in medicine: promise and pitfalls, part 1. Ann Emerg Med. July 2000;36:58-60.]
A study of the workforce in emergency medicine: 1999.
The total number of emergency physicians remained the same over the 2-year period, whereas the number of FTEs per institution increased from 5.11 to 5.35, and the physician/FTE ratio remained unchanged.
A study of the workforce in emergency medicine: 2007.
The current status of the emergency medicine workforce in the United States has grown to more than 42 000 and the number of board-certified emergency physicians has increased, and thenumber of annual ED visits has risen significantly.
Multiple options and unique pathways: a new direction for EMS?
The changing economic and organizational structures of the health services delivery system may predict how EMS systems will redesign themselves, and one template for future EMS systems is discussed.
Victor of Vita : history of the Vandal persecution
Among the peoples who occupied the territories of the Roman Empire in the West in the fifth century, the Vandals are notorious for their persecution of the Catholic inhabitants of Africa. By far the
Splenic abscess in patients on hemodialysis.
It is postulate that access-site infections may predispose hemodialysis patients to splenic abscess, and that these patients should be investigated for a splenicAbscess if they should develop unexplained fever.