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Giant magnetocaloric effect driven by structural transitions.
Magnetic cooling could be a radically different energy solution substituting conventional vapour compression refrigeration in the future. For the largest cooling effects of most potentialExpand
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Withering Syndrome in Farmed Red Abalone Haliotis rufescens: Thermal Induction and Association with a Gastrointestinal Rickettsiales-like Prokaryote.
Withering syndrome (WS) is a chronic wasting disease responsible for mass mortality in wild populations of black abalone Haliotis cracherodii. The etiology of WS is uncertain with limited evidenceExpand
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SHERLOC: Scanning habitable environments with Raman & luminescence for organics & chemicals
SHERLOC is an arm-mounted fluorescence and Raman spectrometer that was recently selected to be part of the payload for the next proposed NASA rover mission to Mars, scheduled for launch in 2020.Expand
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'Candidatus Xenohaliotis californiensis', a newly described pathogen of abalone, Haliotis spp., along the west coast of North America.
Withering syndrome is a fatal disease of wild and cultured abalone, Haliotis spp., that inhabit the west coast of North America. The aetiological agent of withering syndrome has recently beenExpand
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Traditional fisheries management in southern California has failed, in part because it is based on an assumption of an unvarying environment and is focused on size limits rather than insuring theExpand
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Phylogenetics of Bonamia parasites based on small subunit and internal transcribed spacer region ribosomal DNA sequence data.
The genus Bonamia (Haplosporidia) includes economically significant oyster parasites. Described species were thought to have fairly circumscribed host and geographic ranges: B. ostreae infectingExpand
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A Retrospective Study of Circovirus Infection in Pigeons: Nine Cases (1986–1993)
Circovirus infections were diagnosed in 12 pigeons from the United States, 4 pigeons from Australia, and 1 pigeon from Canada (1986-1993). Circovirus was identified by electron microscopicExpand
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The role of ras gene in the development of haemic neoplasia in Mytilus trossulus.
Disseminated neoplasia has been reported in mussels (Mytilus spp) from numerous locations worldwide. This condition is progressive and fatal and the aetiology is unknown. In vertebrates, oncogenesExpand
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Final Testing and Evaluation of a Meter-Class Actively Controlled Membrane Mirror
Abstract : Testing has been completed of a O.7O meter diameter mirror using thin-film polymer membranes. Advances in polymer film science have resulted in polymer membranes less than 24 microns inExpand
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Particulate antigen uptake during immersion immunisation of fish: The effectiveness of prolonged exposure and the roles of skin and gill
Abstract This study examined the uptake of BSA-conjugated 1  μ m fluorescent latex microspheres from bath suspensions by 1·5–3·0 g rainbow trout, Oncorhynchus mykiss (Walbaum). Uptake was quantifiedExpand
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