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Extending the TAM for a World-Wide-Web context
This study introduces playfulness as a new factor that reflects the user’s intrinsic belief in WWW acceptance and extends and empirically validate the Technology Acceptance Model (TAM) for the WWW context. Expand
An Assessment on the Urban Riverfront in Shincheon, Daegu - Focused on a Universal Design Concept -
The purpose of this study is to derive a desirable riverfront construction plan to me for the activities of citizens through the evaluation and analysis of the urban riverfront space from theExpand
Factors affecting awareness of preparedness after moderate earthquakes
The purpose of this paper is to examine how experiencing moderate earthquakes influences risk perception and preparedness.,An online survey was conducted on a nationally representative sample ofExpand
Public perception of geothermal power plants in Korea following the Pohang earthquake: A social representation theory study
The survey results demonstrated that Pohang residents had a significantly negative opinion on geothermal plants regardless of safety, climate change mitigation, and economic factors, and statistically confirms that POHang residents associate geothermal power plants with the risk discourse on nuclear power plants. Expand
Governmental Disaster Assistance and Moral Hazard: Focusing on the Slight Damage Assistance Program for the Pohang Earthquake Victims
AbstractThis study shows that an inappropriately designed disaster assistance program may provoke disaster victims to commit fraud, resulting in moral hazard. We analyzed the case of the Pohang ear...
A Study on the Improvement of National Rental Housing for Elderly through the Importance-Performance Analysis - Focused on National Rental Housing for Elderly in Ha-dong, Kim-Jae -
This study aims to propose alternatives to improve the residential environmental of National Rental Housing for Elderly. To proceed the study, we draw elements of plan for apartment housing forExpand
Analysis of the Spatial Structure of Traditional Villages for Revitalization of the Community in Urban Villages
This study analyzes areas, traffic lines and characteristics of block of traditional villages in order to suggest how to build urban village in the way that can solve problems occurring inExpand
A Comparative Study on the Financial Characteristics for Development Methods of Urban Development Project - Focusing on Multi-level Replotting Method -
The purpose of this study is comparing and analysing of the financial characteristics for development methods of the urban development project in the established area, focusing on the multi-levelExpand