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Serotonin control of sleep-wake behavior.
  • J. Monti
  • Biology, Psychology
    Sleep medicine reviews
  • 1 August 2011
Sleep disturbance in generalized anxiety disorder and its treatment.
Insomnia associated with mild-to-moderate GAD generally responds to psychological treatments and anxiolytic benzodiazepines and concomitant administration of hypnotic medication can be contemplated in patients with severe GAD.
Dose‐dependent effects of the 5‐HT1A receptor agonist 8‐OH‐DPAT on sleep and wakefulness in the rat
SUMMARY  Sleep and wakefulness were studied in rats following administration of a selective 5‐HT1A agonist (8‐OH‐DPAT), a non‐selective 5‐HT1A antagonist [(‐) pindolol] and a combination of 8‐OH‐DPAT
Zolpidem and rebound insomnia--a double-blind, controlled polysomnographic study in chronic insomniac patients.
The findings tend to indicate that, even after long-term treatment, zolpidem does not induce rebound insomnia or daytime anxiety.