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Three-level atom optics via the tunneling interaction
Three-level atom optics is introduced as a simple, efficient, and robust method to coherently manipulate and transport neutral atoms. The tunneling interaction among three trapped states allows us to
Applied Bohmian Mechanics
Overview of Bohmian Mechanics, X. Oriols and J. Mompart Hydrogen Photoionization with Strong Lasers, A. Benseny, A. Picon, J. Mompart, L. Plaja, and L. Roso Atomtronics: Coherent Control of Atomic
Transferring orbital and spin angular momenta of light to atoms
Light beams carrying orbital angular momentum (OAM), such as Laguerre–Gaussian (LG) beams, give rise to the violation of the standard dipolar selection rules during interaction with matter, yielding,
Quantum computing with spatially delocalized qubits.
It is shown how multiqubit highly entangled states can be created in this scheme and the implementation of single-qubit gates as well as a controlled phase gate between two qubits are discussed.
Overview of Bohmian Mechanics
This chapter provides a comprehensive overview of the Bohmian formulation of quantum mechanics. It starts with a historical review of the difficulties found by Louis de Broglie, David Bohm, and John
Fermionic transformation rules for spatially filtered light beams in conical refraction
In conical refraction, when a collimated light beam passes along the optic axis of a biaxial crystal it refracts conically giving rise to a characteristic conical refraction (CR) ring. At each point
Applied Bohmian mechanics
Abstract Bohmian mechanics provides an explanation of quantum phenomena in terms of point-like particles guided by wave functions. This review focuses on the use of nonrelativistic Bohmian mechanics
Lasing without inversion
This review paper is devoted to amplification and lasing without population inversion involving atomic transitions in gas media. We start by discussing the main motivation in inversionless lasing
Optical vault: a reconfigurable bottle beam based on conical refraction of light.
Conical refraction of light in a biaxial crystal is employed to create an optical bottle for photophoretic trapping and manipulation of particles in gaseous media that can be opened and closed by only varying the polarization state of the input light beam.
Roadmap on STIRAP applications
STIRAP (Stimulated Raman Adiabatic Passage) is a powerful laser-based method, usually involving two photons, for efficient and selective transfer of population between quantum states. A particularly