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Historical biogeography of two cosmopolitan families of flowering plants: Annonaceae and Rhamnaceae.
Annonaceae are a pantropically distributed family found predominantly in rainforests, so they are megathermal taxa, whereas Rhamnaceae are a cosmopolitan family that tend to be found in xeric regionsExpand
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‘Andean‐centred’ genera in the short‐branch clade of Annonaceae: testing biogeographical hypotheses using phylogeny reconstruction and molecular dating
Aim We test biogeographical hypotheses regarding the origin of Andean-centred plant groups by reconstructing phylogeny in the short-branch clade (SBC) of Annonaceae, and estimating the timing ofExpand
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The genus Miliusa (Annonaceae) in the Austro-Malesian area
A taxonomic revision of the Austro-Malesian species of Miliusa Lesch. ex A.DC. (Annonaceae) is presented. Ten species can be recognised in the area, including one new species, Miliusa novoguineensis,Expand
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Pollen morphology of Miliusa and relatives (Annonaceae)
In order to provide additional data for the subdivision of the palaeotropical genus Miliusa (Annonaceae), its pollen was examined using light, scanning and transmission electron microscopy, includingExpand
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Revision of the genus Phaeanthus (Annonaceae).
A revision of the genus Phaeanthus Hook.f. & Thomson (Annonaceae) is presented. The genus comprises 8 species. A key to the fruiting and/or flowering specimens of the genus is included. The genusExpand
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The genus Miliusa in the Austro-Malesian area (Annonaceae), a rectification
When we published the revision of the genus Miliusa in the Flora Malesiana area and Australia, nomenclatorial confusion concerning the species Miliusa vidalii has arisen (Mols & Kesler, 2003: 455).Expand
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