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Downstream Effects of Erosion from Small‐Scale Gold Mining on the Instream Habitat and Fish Community of a Small Neotropical Rainforest Stream
The results suggest that erosion related to small-scale gold mining reduces fish diversity and shifts community structure because of increased turbidity resulting from an increased load of suspended sediment and a reduction of instream habitat diversity related to sedimentation.
Mercury contamination in freshwater, estuarine, and marine fishes in relation to small-scale gold mining in Suriname, South America.
The extent of mercury contamination in Surinamese food fishes due to small-scale gold mining was investigated by determination of the total mercury concentration in 318 freshwater fishes, 109
Observations on the microflora of vacuum packed sliced cooked meat products.
The shelf life of vacuum packed sliced cooked meats would be improved if contamination with unclassified streptobacteria could be prevented and this presumably can be achieved if cooked meats were handled and sliced in an area strictly separated from raw cured meats.
Ontogenetic diet shifts and diet overlap among three closely related neotropical armoured catfishes.
  • J. Mol
  • Environmental Science
  • 1 November 1995
Analysis of stomach contents of larvae, juveniles and adults of three closely related armoured catfishes in coastal plain swamps of Suriname, South America, revealed major ontogenetic diet shifts, suggested that large interspecific diet overlap occurred because food was not limiting the populations of these catfish.
Soil Erosion from Agriculture and Mining: A Threat to Tropical Stream Ecosystems
In tropical countries soil erosion is often increased due to high erodibility of geologically old and weathered soils; intensive rainfall; inappropriate soil management; removal of forest vegetation
Dealing with allometry in linear and geometric morphometrics: a taxonomic case study in the Leporinus cylindriformis group (Characiformes: Anostomidae) with description of a new species from Suriname
This work investigates species delimitation of the slender-bodied fishes in the Leporinus cylindriformis group using SMATR and MorphoJ and demonstrates the utility of the allometric corrections that they provide, and offers easy and effective approaches to such allometrically informed taxonomy.
The fish fauna of Brokopondo Reservoir, Suriname, during 40 years of impoundment
The fish fauna of Brokopondo Reservoir, Suriname, the first large reservoir that was created in tropical rainforest, had 41 species, low diversity and low evenness in 1978, indicating that a stable equilibrium had been reached 14 years after closure of the dam.
Effect of low ambient mineral concentrations on the accumulation of calcium, magnesium and phosphorus by early life stages of the air-breathing armoured catfish Megalechis personata (Siluriformes:
The high rates of mineral accumulation in the early life stages of M. personata reflect the exponential growth during the first 8 weeks after hatching and the requirements of the juveniles while building their dermal armour while well-adapted to neotropical fresh waters with an extremely low mineral content.