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The Danish SF-36 Health Survey: translation and preliminary validity studies.
This article reports on the Danish translation of SF-36 and discusses the procedures used for translation improvement, translation evaluation, and scale evaluation. We followed the standardExpand
Social relations: network, support and relational strain.
We introduce a conceptual framework with social relations as the main concept and the structure and the function of social relations as subconcepts. The structure of social relations covers aspectsExpand
Cohabitation and marital status as predictors of mortality--an eight year follow-up study.
In a follow-up study of 1265 women and men aged 50, 60 and 70 years, we analysed how mortality was associated with cohabitation status (living alone/not living alone), living with/without a partner,Expand
Torture and trauma in post-conflict East Timor
Previous studies of treated and untreated post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) have found a doubling of the average time needed to achieve significant remission of symptoms for those who did notExpand
The Lethal Paraphiliac Syndrome: Accidental Autoerotic Deaths in Denmark 1933–1990
A new definition of accidental autoerotic death (AAD) is proposed. A death is an AAD if it is solitary, accidental, and caused by a lethal paraphilia. On the basis of a series of 46 AADs, allExpand
Measurement of total risk of spontaneous abortion: the virtue of conditional risk estimation.
The concepts, methods, and problems of measuring spontaneous abortion risk are reviewed. The problems touched on include the process of pregnancy verification, the changes in risk by gestational ageExpand
Development in self-rated health among older people as determinant of social relations
Aim: The purpose of this study was to analyse whether development in self-rated health (SRH) over four years was associated with the structure of and satisfaction with social relations, at four andExpand
Survivors of the war in the Northern Kosovo: violence exposure, risk factors and public health effects of an ethnic conflict
BackgroundThe aim of this population-based study was to assess the long-lasting effects of ethnic conflict on health and well-being (with a focus on injury and persistent pain) at family andExpand
Survivors of war in northern Kosovo (III): The role of anger and hatred in pain and PTSD and their interactive effects on career outcome, quality of sleep and suicide ideation
BackgroundThe management of chronic debilitating health conditions after trauma remains a challenge in post-conflict settings. The study aimed to expand current understanding of the diagnosticExpand
A novel bio-psycho-social approach for rehabilitation of traumatized victims of torture and war in the post-conflict context: a pilot randomized controlled trial in Kosovo
BackgroundSome evidence showed that multidisciplinary rehabilitation in Western countries is effective for treating war-related trauma, but it remains unclear whether this approach is applicable toExpand