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Gene Indexing: Characterization and Analysis of NLM's GeneRIFs
We present an initial analysis of the National Library of Medicine's (NLM) Gene Indexing initiative. Gene Indexing occurs at the time of indexing for all 4600 journals and over 500,000 articles addedExpand
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Using literature-based discovery to identify disease candidate genes
We present BITOLA, an interactive literature-based biomedical discovery support system. The goal of this system is to discover new, potentially meaningful relations between a given starting conceptExpand
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Fuzzy Measures on the Gene Ontology for Gene Product Similarity
One of the most important objects in bioinformatics is a gene product (protein or RNA). For many gene products, functional information is summarized in a set of gene ontology (GO) annotations. ForExpand
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Application of Information Technology: Design of Genetics Home Reference: A New NLM Consumer Health Resource
The authors have developed the Genetics Home Reference, a consumer resource that addresses the health implications of the Human Genome Project. The research results made possible by the Human GenomeExpand
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‘Genetics Home Reference’: Helping Patients Understand the Role of Genetics in Health and Disease
The surge of information generated by the Human Genome Project has left many health professionals and their patients struggling to understand the role of genetics in health and disease. To aid theExpand
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Deletions of different segments of the long arm of chromosome 4.
We report the clinical and chromosomal findings in 8 patients with deletions of the long arm of chromosome 4. Four of these patients appear to have terminal deletions beginning in band 4q31, andExpand
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Predicting Phenotypic Severity of Uncertain Gene Variants in the RET Proto-Oncogene
Although reported gene variants in the RET oncogene have been directly associated with multiple endocrine neoplasia type 2 and hereditary medullary thyroid carcinoma, other mutations are classifiedExpand
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Improving Literature Based Discovery Support by Genetic Knowledge Integration
We present an interactive literature based biomedical discovery support system (BITOLA). The goal of the system is to discover new, potentially meaningful relations between a given starting conceptExpand
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Effect of physician reminders on preventive care: meta-analysis of randomized clinical trials.
The objective of this study was to assess the clinical value of the physician reminder, an information intervention, in increasing compliance for selected preventive health care measures.Expand
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Methods of Randomized Controlled Clinical Trials in Health Services Research
The randomized controlled clinical trial is an increasingly used method in health services research. Analysis of methodology is needed to accelerate practical implementation of trial results, selectExpand
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