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The Behavioral Science of Leadership: An Interdisciplinary Japanese Research Program
Make more knowledge even in less time every day. You may not always spend your time and money to go abroad and get the experience and knowledge by yourself. Reading is a good alternative to do inExpand
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The Performance-Maintenance (PM) Theory of Leadership: Review of a Japanese Research Program.
. Kawazu, Yusuke, Nobuya Ogawa, and Jyuji Misumi 1974 "A psychophysiological study of leadership conditions: The interaction between placebo effects and leadership effects." Proceedings of the 38thExpand
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1. Experimental social psychology in Japan
It was in 1908 that a book by Higuchi entitled Social psychology was published in Japan. In 1929 the first experimental study on social behavior was reported on by Kondo in the Japanese Journal ofExpand
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Work Centrality in Japan and the United States
A concept called work centrality is developed to represent the generalized importance of working to individuals. Work centrality results for national samples of the labor force in Japan and in theExpand
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On the generality of leadership style measures across cultures
It is proposed that cross-cultural studies of leadership style have failed to distinguish adequately between global characterizations of style and the specific behaviours which leaders need to use inExpand
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The Development in Japan of the Performance‐Maintenance (PM) Theory of Leadership
Beginning with replications of the experimental study by Kurt Lewin et al., the PM Theory of Leadership has been developed in Japan as an extensive interdisciplinary and intercultural approach toExpand
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Nuclear Safety: A Human Factors Perspective
For many years, as a direct result of international governmental concern, the nuclear power industry has been at the forefront of industrial safety. This text represents a cross-disciplinary look atExpand
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Event management and work team effectiveness in Japan, Britain and USA
Rated effectiveness of work teams in four closely similar electronics assembly plants is compared with which of five sources of guidance were used in managing both routine and non-routine events. NoExpand
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A Cross-Cultural Test of the Japanese PM Leadership Theory
A total of 1052 assembly-line workers in five electronics assembly plants in the U.K., USA, Japan, and Hong Kong completed questionnaires evaluating their supervisors' leadership style. Their 84Expand
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