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The Seasonal Cycle and the Business Cycle
Almost all recent research on macroeconomic fluctuations has worked with seasonally adjusted or annual data. This paper takes a different approach by treating seasonal fluctuations as worthy of studyExpand
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Why Does Inflation Differ Across Countries?
This paper attempts to explain the differences in inflation performance across countries. Earlier research has examined this topic, but it has considered only some of the factors that might beExpand
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Seasonal Unit Roots in Aggregate U.S. Data
In this paper we provide evidence on the presence of seasonal unit roots in aggregate U.S. data. The analysis is conducted using the approach developed by Hyllebcrg, Engle, Granger and Yoo (1990). WeExpand
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The Changing Behavior of the Term Structure of Interest Rates,” with N. Gregory Mankiw
We reexamine the expectations theory of the term structure using data at the short end of the maturity spectrum. We find that prior to the founding of the Federal Reserve System in 1915, the spreadExpand
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Financial Panics, the Seasonality of the Nominal Interest Rate, and theFounding of the Fed
After the founding of the Fed in 1914, the frequency of financial panics and the size of the seasonal movements in nominal interest ratesboth declined substantially. This paper establishes that theExpand
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Alcohol Consumption During Prohibition
We estimate the consumption of alcohol during Prohibition using mortality, mental health and crime statistics. We find that alcohol consumption fell sharply at the beginning of Prohibition, toExpand
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Seasonality of births in human populations.
Seasonal fluctuations in births have been observed in virtually all human populations. In this paper we re-examine the seasonality of births with two main objectives in mind. The first is to provideExpand
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Seasonal Fluctuations and the Life Cycle-Permanent Income Model of Consumption
  • J. Miron
  • Economics
  • Journal of Political Economy
  • 1 February 1986
This paper examines a new possible explanation for the recent rejections of the life cycle-permanent income model of consumption: the treatment of seasonal fluctuations. The paper shows that when theExpand
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The Economics of Seasonal Cycles
  • J. Miron
  • Environmental Science, Economics
  • 1 November 1990
Since macroeconomists first began the systematic study of aggregate data, they have grappled with the fact that most economic time series exhibit substantial seasonal variation. In general,Expand
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The Budgetary Implications of Marijuana Prohibition
Executive Summary • Government prohibition of marijuana is the subject of ongoing debate. • One issue in this debate is the effect of marijuana prohibition on government budgets. Prohibition entailsExpand
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