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Countering Double-Spend Attacks on Bitcoin Fast-Pay Transactions
Bitcoin is a Proof-of-Work-based payment system that does not rely on a trusted authority. As its popularity grows, more businesses are starting to accept it as payment, including services like fastExpand
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Sliding mode and feedback linearization control of three-phase voltage source PWM converter
In this paper, we present a novel nonlinear control scheme of three-phase pulse width modulation rectifier. Expand
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An efficient virtual network embedding algorithm with delay constraints
We propose an algorithm (VNE-DC) based on multi-agent approach to embed virtual networks onto a substrate network with delay constraints with minimum bandwidth cost while keeping the delay constraints. Expand
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Nonlinear control of three-phase voltage source PWM converter
The mathematical model of three-phase voltage source PWM rectifier is established in the dq rotating frame. Expand
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An efficient digital downconversion structure with bandwidth matched receiving
An efficient digital down-conversion (DDC) structure with bandwidth matched receiving, which is based on rational data rate conversion, is given for matched receiving of signals with arbitrary bandwidth. Expand
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A Study on Prepositive Distance Model of Speed Control Signs Based on Visibility and Driving Characteristics
Speed control sings which contains speed limit signs and speed proposed signs are the important traffic manage tools and are extensively used in China.Prepositive distance is the importantExpand
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Improved delay-range-dependent stability criterion for Markovian jump systems with interval time-varying delay
The delay-range-dependent stability problem for Markovian jump systems with interval time-varying is studied in this paper. Expand
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The Application of Statistical Analysis System in Regression Analysis
SAS (Statistical Analysis System)is one of the most wildly used data analysis softwares in the world,this software is of great statistical functions,the only thing users should do is to use veryExpand
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wo guo hui ji jiao yu gai ge chu tan
Application of Excel Functions in the Bioinformatics Educational Practices
Application of Excel functions on bioinformatics educational practices including redundancy information elimination,GC content calculation,gene chip data mining,batch character string insertion and special sequence separation. Expand