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DSENT - A Tool Connecting Emerging Photonics with Electronics for Opto-Electronic Networks-on-Chip Modeling
With the rise of many-core chips that require substantial bandwidth from the network on chip (NoC), integrated photonic links have been investigated as a promising alternative to traditionalExpand
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Graphite: A distributed parallel simulator for multicores
This paper introduces the Graphite open-source distributed parallel multicore simulator infrastructure. Graphite is designed from the ground up for exploration of future multi-core processorsExpand
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The Raw Microprocessor: A Computational Fabric for Software Circuits and General-Purpose Programs
Wire delay is emerging as the natural limiter to microprocessor scalability. A new architectural approach could solve this problem, as well as deliver unprecedented performance, energy efficiency andExpand
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Evaluation of the Raw microprocessor: an exposed-wire-delay architecture for ILP and streams
This paper evaluates the Raw microprocessor. Raw addresses the challenge of building a general-purpose architecture that performs well on a larger class of stream and embedded computing applicationsExpand
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ATAC: A 1000-core cache-coherent processor with on-chip optical network
Based on current trends, multicore processors will have 1000 cores or more within the next decade. However, their promise of increased performance will only be realized if their inherent scaling andExpand
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Application heartbeats: a generic interface for specifying program performance and goals in autonomous computing environments
The rise of multicore computing has greatly increased system complexity and created an additional burden for software developers. This burden is especially troublesome when it comes to optimizingExpand
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Application heartbeats for software performance and health
Adaptive, or self-aware, computing has been proposed to help application programmers confront the growing complexity of multicore software development. However, existing approaches to adaptiveExpand
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Cross-layer Energy and Performance Evaluation of a Nanophotonic Manycore Processor System Using Real Application Workloads
Recent advances in nanophotonic device research have led to a proliferation of proposals for new architectures that employ optics for on-chip communication. However, since standard simulation toolsExpand
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An operating system for multicore and clouds: mechanisms and implementation
Cloud computers and multicore processors are two emerging classes of computational hardware that have the potential to provide unprecedented compute capacity to the average user. In order for theExpand
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Software-based instruction caching for embedded processors
While hardware instruction caches are present in virtually all general-purpose and high-performance microprocessors today, many embedded processors use SRAM or scratchpad memories instead. These areExpand
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