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Treatment of fractures of the medial epicondyle of the humerus.
It is recommended that operative treatment is employed only when an intra-articular fragment cannot be removed from the joint by manipulation. Expand
Primary replacement of the fractured radial head with a metal prosthesis.
Compression testing of cadaver specimens showed that excision of the radial head allowed proximal radial displacement. The insertion of a metallic radial head restored normal mechanics, while aExpand
Brief report: treatment of chronic inflammatory bowel disease in glycogen storage disease type Ib with colony-stimulating factors.
GLYCOGEN storage disease Type Ib is a rare hereditary metabolic disorder characterized by growth failure, hepatomegaly, hypoglycemia, lactic acidosis, and neutrophil deficiency.1 , 2 Except for the...
The mechanisms of elbow fractures: an investigation using impact tests in vitro.
A flexion-extension 'arc of injury' is shown, which relates fracture types to elbow position at the moment of impact and cast doubt on some mechanism hypotheses. Expand
Procedure guideline for renal cortical scintigraphy in children. Society of Nuclear Medicine.
This dissertation aims to provide a history of neonatal intensive care practices in the United States and Canada from 1989 to 2002, focusing on the period leading up to and including the summer of 1993. Expand
The derivation of elbow joint forces, and their relation to prosthesis design.
The physiological cross-sections of muscles were used to estimate their strengths and predicted forces in relation to prosthesis design, and the use of a radial head replacement was recommended. Expand
Differentiation Between Bone Infarction and Acute Osteomyelitis in Children with Sickle-Cell Disease with Use of Sequential Radionuclide Bone-Marrow and Bone Scans
It is suggested that osteomyelitis can be differentiated from bone infarction in children with sickle-cell anemia and acute bone pain by a combination of sequential bone-marrow and bone scintigraphy. Expand
Long-term effects of excision of the radial head in rheumatoid arthritis.
The effects of synovectomy and excision of the radial head in 40 elbows affected by rheumatoid arthritis have been assessed and a common pattern of deterioration from what was often a satisfactory initial result has been demonstrated. Expand
A functional study of the rheumatoid elbow.
The frequency of functional disabilities, linked to severe pain, suggests that the development of an elbow joint replacement would be worthwhile. Expand
Procedure guideline for diuretic renography in children. Society of Nuclear Medicine.