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Discovering Statistics Using SPSS
Andy Field's award-winning Discovering Statistics Using SPSS for students using SAS(R) . Expand
Applying regression & correlation : a guide for students and researchers
PART ONE: I NEED TO DO REGRESSION ANALYSIS TOMORROW Building Models with Regression and Correlation More Than One Independent Variable Multiples Regression Categorical Independent Variables PART TWO:Expand
Criticizing and reassuring oneself: An exploration of forms, styles and reasons in female students.
OBJECTIVES Self-critical people, compared with those who self-reassure, are at increased risk of psychopathology. However, there has been little work on the different forms and functions of theseExpand
Effects of sample size, model specification and factor loadings on the GFI in confirmatory factor analysis
Abstract The goodness-of-fit index [Joreskog, K. G. & Sorbom, D. (1984). LISREL VI users guide (3rd ed.). Moorsville, IN: Scientific Software]is commonly used in confirmatory factor analysis toExpand
Interpersonal and role-related schema influence the relationship with the dominant ‘voice’ in schizophrenia: a comparison of three models
Background. Auditory hallucinations in psychosis often contain critical evaluations of the voice-hearer (for example, attacks on self-worth). A voice-hearer's experience with their dominant voice isExpand
Distribution of CORE–OM scores in a general population, clinical cut-off points and comparison with the CIS–R
Background Although measures of psychopathology are designed for use in clinical populations, their meaning derives from comparison with normal populations. Aims To compare the distribution of scoresExpand
Probiotics for the prevention and treatment of antibiotic-associated diarrhea: a systematic review and meta-analysis.
CONTEXT Probiotics are live microorganisms intended to confer a health benefit when consumed. One condition for which probiotics have been advocated is the diarrhea that is a common adverse effect ofExpand
Dose-effect relations and responsive regulation of treatment duration: the good enough level.
This study examined rates of improvement in psychotherapy as a function of the number of sessions attended. The clients (N=1,868; 73.1% female; 92.4% White; average age=40), who were seen for aExpand
A time and a place for incremental fit indices
Abstract It is well established that the χ2 test is influenced by sample size and will lead to over rejection of models tested using large sample sizes. In this paper it is shown that the populationExpand