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Automated multifilter rotating shadow-band radiometer: an instrument for optical depth and radiation measurements.
The multifilter rotating shadow-band radiometer is a ground-based instrument that uses independent interference-filter-photodiode detectors and the automated rotatingshadow-band technique to make spectrally resolved measurements at seven wavelength passbands of direct-normal, total-hor horizontal, and diffuse-horizontal spectral irradiances.
Response of a Deciduous Forest to the Mount Pinatubo Eruption: Enhanced Photosynthesis
It is found that the aerosol-induced increase in diffuse radiation by the volcano enhanced the terrestrial carbon sink and contributed to the temporary decline in the growth rate of atmospheric carbon dioxide after the eruption.
Objective algorithms for the retrieval of optical depths from ground-based measurements.
An algorithm is described that objectively selects data points from a continuous time series and performs the required regression by means of Langley regression to provide intercomparable retrievals of optical depths from widely varying historical data sets.
Multiyear measurements of aerosol optical depth in the Atmospheric Radiation Measurement and Quantitative Links programs
The U.S. Department of Energy funded the development of the multifilter rotating shadowband radiometer (MFRSR) as part of the Atmospheric Radiation Measurement (ARM) program. This seven-channel
Comparison of aerosol optical depth from four solar radiometers during the fall 1997 ARM intensive observation period
In the Fall of 1997 the Atmospheric Radiation Measurement (ARM) program conducted an Intensive Observation Period (IOP) to study aerosols. Five sun‐tracking radiometers were present to measure the
An Update on SURFRAD—The GCOS Surface Radiation Budget Network for the Continental United States
Abstract The Surface Radiation budget (SURFRAD) network was developed for the United States in the middle 1990s in response to a growing need for more sophisticated in situ surface radiation
Measurement of Broadband Diffuse Solar Irradiance Using Current Commercial Instrumentation with a Correction for Thermal Offset Errors
Abstract Diffuse-sky solar irradiance is an important quantity for radiation budget research, particularly as it relates to climate. Diffuse irradiance is one component of the total downwelling solar