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Two new ‘legumoviruses’ (genus Begomovirus) naturally infecting soybean in Nigeria
The identification of two distinct begomoviruses naturally infecting soybean in Nigeria suggests the occurrence of ‘legumovirus’ in plant species indigenous to Africa and underscores their potential threat to sustainable cultivation of soybean on the African continent. Expand
Development of a protocol to phenotype sweet cherry (Prunus avium L.) for resistance to bacterial canker
It is concluded that the genotypic variation in disease response among sweet cherry germplasm can be differentiated based on a detached assay using new leaves, a highly virulent Pss isolate, and an inoculum concentration of 1 × 108 cfu/ml. Expand
First Report of the Occurrence of African cassava mosaic virus in a Mosaic Disease of Soybean in Nigeria.
The first report of soybean as a natural host of ACMV in SSA, and on the basis of previous reports and the results currently presented, it seems thatACMV has a wide host range. Expand
Assessment of sweet cherry (Prunus avium L.) genotypes for response to bacterial canker disease
This study reveals that the advanced selections could be potential sources of resistance alleles to bacterial canker in sweet cherry cultivars used as breeding parents in the Washington State University's Sweet Cherry Breeding Program. Expand
Fusarium spp. associated with root rot of pulse crops and their cross pathogenicity to cereal crops in Montana.
Nonparametric analysis of variance conducted on ranks of disease severity indicated that F. avenaceum and F. solani isolates were highly aggressive on pea and chickpea and cross pathogenic on barley and wheat. Expand