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CMB-S4 Science Book, First Edition
This book lays out the scientific goals to be addressed by the next-generation ground-based cosmic microwave background experiment, CMB-S4, envisioned to consist of dedicated telescopes at the SouthExpand
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The Simons Observatory : Science goals and forecasts
The Simons Observatory (SO) is a new cosmic microwave background experiment being built on Cerro Toco in Chile, due to begin observations in the early 2020s. We describe the scientific goals of theExpand
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General Education Teachers’ Perceptions of Behavior Management and Intervention Strategies
In-depth qualitative interviews were conducted with kindergarten and first-grade general education teachers to determine their perceptions of student behavior. This study describes the teachers’Expand
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Thankful for the little things: A meta-analysis of gratitude interventions.
A recent qualitative review by Wood, Froh, and Geraghty (2010) cast doubt on the efficacy of gratitude interventions, suggesting the need to carefully attend to the quality of comparison groups.Expand
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Bystander Motivation in Bullying Incidents: To Intervene or Not to Intervene?
Introduction This research sought to extend knowledge about bystanders in bullying situations with a focus on the motivations that lead them to different responses. The 2 primary goals of this studyExpand
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Structured extracurricular activities among adolescents: Findings and implications for school psychologists
One factor that contributes to adolescent positive mental health is active engagement. Engagement is defined as any activity that is initiated to attain an outcome. In general, two forms ofExpand
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High School Students’ Perceptions of Coping With Cyberbullying
Cyberbullying can have a variety of negative effects on student mental health (Internet Safety Technical Task Force, 2008). An understanding of students’ coping with cyberbullying could helpExpand
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Coping strategies and perceived effectiveness in fourth through eighth grade victims of bullying
Victimization resulting from bullying affects millions of school children worldwide each year (e.g. Nansel et al., 2001; Sapouna, 2008; Smokowski & Kopasz, 2005). These children face the fear andExpand
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CMB-S4 Science Case, Reference Design, and Project Plan
We present the science case, reference design, and project plan for the Stage-4 ground-based cosmic microwave background experiment CMB-S4.
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The Simons Observatory
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