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Long-term follow-up of the surgical management of neuropathic arthropathy of the spine.
It is recommended that Charcot spine well tolerated without skin, seating problems, or dysreflexia should be cautiously observed with conservative management and three-column stabilization with either combined anterior-posterior or all posterior approaches with anterior support to obtain and secure greater long-term stability. Expand
A multidisciplinary approach to improve the quality of care for patients with fragility fractures.
The clinical pathway adopted for the care of patients with fragility fractures has resulted in reduced lengths of stay, below average mortality, and improved discharge disposition. Expand
The Effect of Intraoperative Blood Loss on Serum Cefazolin Level in Patients Undergoing Instrumented Spinal Fusion: A Prospective, Controlled Study
It is not necessary to give cefazolin at a dosing interval of less than 4 hours with blood losses of up to 1200 mL to maintain the antibiotic concentration well above the minimum inhibitory concentration, and to determine if adjustment of the dose or dose interval is appropriate in operative cases of significant blood loss. Expand
A Method for Radiographic Evaluation of Pedicle Screw Violation of the Vertebral Endplate: Technique
A true lateral or anteroposterior radiographic view of the vertebra provides a high degree of certainty that the screw has not crossed the endplate when a “safe zone” of 3 mm remains superior to the screw tip. Expand
Intracranial hypotension and recurrent pleural effusion after snow-boarding injury: a manifestation of cerebrospinal fluid-pleural fistula.
Severe headaches with a recurrent pleural effusion after thoracic spinal surgery may indicate presence of a CSF-pleural fistula, an unusual complication of thoracIC spinal surgery. Expand
Counterweighting Scroll Compressor for Minimal Bearing Loads
This paper describ<=s a new optional method for counterweighting a scroll compressor. The technique involves sizing and positioning counterweights on the drive shaft such that the resultant loadExpand