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Applications of LDPC Codes to the Wiretap Channel
We show that it is possible to construct linear-time decodable secrecy codes based on low-density parity-check (LDPC) codes that achieve secrecy on the wiretap channel. Expand
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Frequency-coded quantum key distribution.
We report an intrinsically stable quantum key distribution scheme based on genuine frequency-coded quantum states. The qubits are efficiently processed without fiber interferometers by fullyExpand
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Chaotic oscillator in wavelength: a new setup for investigating differential difference equations describing nonlinear dynamics
A generator of chaos in wavelength is reported. It is formed by a wavelength-tunable laser diode with a time delayed feedback loop in which a wavelength nonlinear-linear device is introduced. TheExpand
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Incoherent resonant seeding of modulation instability in optical fiber.
We report control of the spectral and noise properties of spontaneous modulation instability (MI) in optical fiber using an incoherent seed with power at the 10(-6) level relative to the pump. WeExpand
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Real-time full-field characterization of transient dissipative soliton dynamics in a mode-locked laser
Dissipative solitons are remarkably localized states of a physical system that arise from the dynamical balance between nonlinearity, dispersion and environmental energy exchange. They are the mostExpand
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Long-distance QKD transmission using single-sideband detection scheme With WDM synchronization
We report a long-distance, polarization insensitive, quantum key distribution scheme using single-sideband (SSB) detection. The method uses an amplitude modulation to transmit photon in sidebands.Expand
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Implementing two-photon interference in the frequency domain with electro-optic phase modulators
Frequency-entangled photons can be readily produced using parametric down-conversion. We have recently shown how such entanglement could be manipulated and measured using electro-optic phaseExpand
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Real-time full bandwidth measurement of spectral noise in supercontinuum generation
The ability to measure real-time fluctuations of ultrashort pulses propagating in optical fiber has provided significant insights into fundamental dynamical effects such as modulation instability andExpand
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LDPC-based secret key agreement over the Gaussian wiretap channel
This paper investigates a practical secret key agreement protocol over the Gaussian wire-tap channel. Expand
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Single-Photon Interference in Sidebands of Phase-Modulated Light for Quantum Cryptography
We report single-photon interference in the sidebands of modulated light. The relative phase of interacting quantum states is reliably controlled by the phase of a low-frequency modulating signal. WeExpand
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