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Evaluation of secondary structure of proteins from UV circular dichroism spectra using an unsupervised learning neural network.
An optimized self-organizing map algorithm has been used to obtain protein topological (proteinotopic) maps. A neural network is able to arrange a set of proteins depending on their ultravioletExpand
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SOMCD: Method for evaluating protein secondary structure from UV circular dichroism spectra
This article presents SOMCD, an improved method for the evaluation of protein secondary structure from circular dichroism spectra, based on Kohonen's self‐organizing maps (SOM). Protein circularExpand
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Mapping and fuzzy classification of macromolecular images using self-organizing neural networks.
In this work the effectiveness of the fuzzy kohonen clustering network (FKCN) in the unsupervised classification of electron microscopic images of biological macromolecules is studied. The algorithmExpand
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Effect of noisy fitness in RTS Player Behaviour Optimisation Using Evolutionary Algorithms
This paper investigates the performance and the results of an Evolutionary Algorithm (EA) specifically designed for evolving the decision engine of a program (which, in this context, is called bot)Expand
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A Research Agenda for Metaheuristic Standardization
We propose that the development of standardized, explicit, machine-readable descriptions of metaheuristics will greatly advance scientific progress in the field. Expand
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A new approach to fuzzy controller designing and coding via genetic algorithms
Examines the applicability of genetic algorithms to fuzzy controller optimization and presents a methodology to simultaneously design membership functions and rule sets for them. We propose a newExpand
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Fluid evolutionary algorithms
FluidDB is a new structured storage system, available online for limited alpha test, which is designed to be able to easily store objects and relations among them (using tags). Expand
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Parallel Problem Solving from Nature PPSN VI: 6th International Conference Paris, France, September 18-20, 2000 Proceedings
Invited Papers.- Interacting Trajectories in Design Space and Niche Space: A Philosopher Speculates About Evolution.- Language as a Complex Adaptive System.- Analysis and Theory of EAs . Expand
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