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New parametrization for the nuclear covariant energy density functional with a point-coupling interaction
A new parametrization PC-PK1 for the nuclear covariant energy density functional with nonlinear point-coupling interaction is proposed by fitting to observables of 60 selected spherical nuclei,
New effective interactions in relativistic mean field theory with nonlinear terms and density-dependent meson-nucleon coupling
New parameter sets for the Lagrangian density in the relativistic mean field (RMF) theory, PK1 with nonlinear sigma- and omega-meson self-coupling, PK1R with nonlinear sigma-, omega-, and rho-meson
Direct URCA process in neutron stars
The onset of the most powerful neutrino emission candidate in the cooling of neutron stars, direct URCA process, requires a high threshold proton fraction. The proton fraction in neutron stars relies
Progress on tilted axis cranking covariant density functional theory for nuclear magnetic and antimagnetic rotation
Magnetic rotation and antimagnetic rotation are exotic rotational phenomena observed in weakly deformed or near-spherical nuclei, which are respectively interpreted in terms of the shears mechanism