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Financial Aid and Persistence in Community Colleges: Assessing the Effectiveness of Federal and State Financial Aid Programs in Oklahoma
Using a longitudinal, state-wide dataset, this study assessed the effect of financial aid on the persistence of full-time students in associate’s degree programs at the Oklahoma community colleges.Expand
Integrating Facebook in the Classroom: Pedagogical Dilemmas.
Social networking sites (SNS) such as Facebook remain prolific on college campuses across the country and touches on various aspects of collegiate life, including the classroom. This case studyExpand
Retention Among Community College Student-Athletes
This study explored the impact of financial-aid on student-athletes' academic progression from freshmen to sophomore year in associates' degree programs in Oklahoma. Differences were found accordingExpand
Civic Engagement and Organizational Learning Strategies for Student Success
Students succeed in college by engaging with faculty, peers, and the community. Institutional leaders can utilize organizational learning strategies to learn what works to support civic learningExpand
The Oklahoma's Promise Program: A National Model to Promote College Persistence
Using a multi-method approach involving fixed effects and logistic regressions, this study examined the effect of the Oklahoma's Promise Program on student persistence in relation to the Pell andExpand
Student Athlete Retention and Financial Aid
Abstract This study assesses the effectiveness of financial aid combinations of the Oklahoma Higher Education Learning Access Program (OHLAP) and the two most popular federal financial aid programs,Expand
Student inferences based on facial appearance
This study extends the scope of research that examines the connection between physical attractiveness and student perception through a survey analysis. While other studies concentrate on physicalExpand
Pedagogy 2 go: student and faculty perspectives on the features of mobile learning management systems
It is demonstrated that the patterns of using handheld devices and perceptions regarding mobile LMS features differed among students and faculty, and gender influenced participants' responses relative to the perceived importance of the communication features. Expand
Understanding Promise: Impact of state support on Latino high school student habitus
ABSTRACTThis study examined the role of a state need-based financial aid policy in Latina/o high school students’ meaning making of postsecondary access. Utilizing narrative research, the analytica...