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The Malvinokaffric Realm in the Devonian of Brazil
Abstract Paleogeographic reconstructions are presented for the Lower and Middle Devonian of Brazil (Siegenian — Givetian), following a brief account of Brazilian Devonian stratigraphy andExpand
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Palynological evaluation of the Famennian Protosalvinia (Foerstia) Zone in the Amazon Basin, northern Brazil: a preliminary study
Miospore assemblages recovered from a shallow borehole (Caima PH-2) and outcrops near the Tapajos River (Itaituba area), on the southern margin of the Amazon Basin, permit the correlation of theExpand
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The Occurrence of Shear-Torn Palynomacerals in Middle to Early Late Devonian Strata of Southern Subandean Bolivia: Their Geological Significance
Palynomacerals damaged by shear, displaying characteristic tension gashes (subparallel tearing pattern), are reported from Middle to early Late Devonian shales of the Los Monos Formation, in theExpand
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Devonian Conodonts from the Upper Amazon Basin, Northwestern Brazil
Abstract This is the first positive record of conodonts in the Devonian of Brazil. They occur in Late Devonian rocks of the Upper Amazon Basin (the newly redesignated Solimoes Basin) presently beingExpand
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