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The Neolithic of the Near East
This critique of The Neolithic of the Near East includes five major sections which will be considered in the following sequence: 1) background and author's purpose, 2) previous areal syntheses, 3)
Excavations at Çatal Hüyük, 1963: Third Preliminary Report
The third season of excavations at Çatal Hüyük lasted from 10th June until 30th August, 1963, seventy working days with an average of thirty-five men, some local but most from the Beycesultan area,
Excavations at Çatal Hüyük: First Preliminary Report, 1961
The site of Çatal Hüyük was discovered during our survey of the Konya Plain in November, 1958. Rich in surface finds of a type hitherto only known from Professor J. Garstang's excavations at Mersin
A THIRD SEASON OF excavations at Hacilar, carried out under the auspices of the British Institute of Archaeology at Ankara, lasted from 10th August to n th September, 1959. The Assistant Director was
Excavations at Çatal Hüyük, 1962: Second Preliminary Report
The excavations at Çatal Hüyük, the neolithic city mound in the Konya Plain, which were begun in 1961 were continued during the summer of 1962. The second season of excavation began on 7th June and
Early Cultures of the South Anatolian Plateau, II
The end of the Çatal Hüyük West culture is shrouded in mystery. Both Çatal and Kara Hüyük South were apparently deserted and never reoccupied and it is only at Can Hasan Hüyük east of Karaman that
Excavations at Çatal Hüyük, 1965, Fourth Preliminary Report
A fourth season of excavation at Çatal Hüyük took place between 18th July and 25th September 1965 under the auspices of the British Institute of Archaeology at Ankara with Professor O. R. Gurney as