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The global abundance and size distribution of lakes, ponds, and impoundments
One of the major impediments to the integration of lentic ecosystems into global environmental analyses has been fragmentary data on the extent and size distribution of lakes, ponds, andExpand
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Outgassing from Amazonian rivers and wetlands as a large tropical source of atmospheric CO2
Terrestrial ecosystems in the humid tropics play a potentially important but presently ambiguous role in the global carbon cycle. Whereas global estimates of atmospheric CO2 exchange indicate thatExpand
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Decomposition and carbon cycling of dead trees in tropical forests of the central Amazon
Abstract Decomposition rate constants were measured for boles of 155 large dead trees (>10 cm diameter) in central Amazon forests. Mortality data from 21 ha of permanent inventory plots, monitoredExpand
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Dual-season mapping of wetland inundation and vegetation for the central Amazon basin
Abstract Wetland extent was mapped for the central Amazon region, using mosaicked L-band synthetic aperture radar (SAR) imagery acquired by the Japanese Earth Resources Satellite-1. For the wetlandExpand
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Climatic and hydrologic changes in the Tien Shan, central Asia
Abstract The authors analyze climatic and hydrologic data from 110 sites collected from the middle of the twentieth century to the present in the Tien Shan, one of the largest mountain systems ofExpand
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Transport of organic carbon in the world’s rivers
Total transport of organic carbon to the world's oceans in dissolved and particulate form in rivers is estimated as 0.37 × 10 15 gC yr -1 by an inventory and extrapolation of data on loss of carbonExpand
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Rapid and highly variable warming of lake surface waters around the globe
In this first worldwide synthesis of in situ and satellite-derived lake data, we find that lake summer surface water temperatures rose rapidly (global mean = 0.34°C decade−1) between 1985 and 2009.Expand
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Precipitation and atmospheric circulation patterns at mid-latitudes of Asia
Analyses of the coupling between large-scale atmospheric patterns and modifications of regional precipitation regimes at seasonal and annual time scales in different terrain of mid-latitudes in Asia,Expand
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The use of Imaging radars for ecological applications : A review
At the behest of NASA's Mission to Planet Earth, the National Research Council recently conducted a review on the current status and future directions for earth science information provided byExpand
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Inundation patterns in the Pantanal wetland of South America determined from passive microwave remote sensing
Seasonal inundation determines the structure and function of tropical floodplain ecosystems, and therefore information on the spatial and temporal variability of inundation is fundamental toExpand
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