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The application of the extended pair approximation to hopping conduction in r.f. sputtered amorphous silicon
Abstract The real and imaginary parts of the frequency-dependent conductivities of amorphous silicon and hydrogenated amorphous silicon samples prepared by r.f. sputtering have been measured overExpand
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Rugby: Strategy and Structure
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A rapid and accurate method of finding light leaks in photomultiplier systems
A rapid method of finding light leaks in photomultiplier systems is described, in which an audible signal derived from the light level is produced. It uses equipment commonly available inExpand
The effect of magnetic field on the frequency dependent loss in amorphous silicon
Abstract Measurements of the frequency dependent magnetoconductance of a-Si and a-Si:H films in the percolation region and at low temperatures are discussed
Calibration Systems for the ANTARES Neutrino Telescope
The ANTARES collaborationaims to deploya 0.1km neutrinotelescopein theMediterraneanseaby 2004. Neutrinoswill be detectedthroughthe muonsproducedin their interactionwith thesurroundingmatter.Expand
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Pickup and interference in particle astrophysics experiments: techniques and tools
A pick-off circuit is presented which facilitates the investigation of AC power-line borne transients without danger to the experimenter or damage to oscilloscopes. Expand
John Clifford Barton: Obituary and Bibliography
John Barton was one of the experimental founders of particle astrophysics, working in deep underground locations all over the world. This note combines the obituary published in The Independent withExpand
Leslie Hodson, particle physicist and pioneer in the study of cosmic rays 1925-2010: Obituary and bibliography
Leslie Hodson was an experimental particle physicist who developed cloud and spark chamber techniques in the study of cosmic rays. This note reviews his career and provides a bibliography of hisExpand
Digitization of ICRC proceedings and WWW access using the NASA Astrophysics Data System
We propose to digitize the International Cosmic Ray Conference proceedings and make them available over the World Wide Web. Expand
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Dynamical equilibration of a spatially periodic flow of conducting fluid with an embedded magnetic field : toward a self-consistent alpha-squared dynamo model
Spatially periodic flows possessing helicity exhibit dynamo action. One such flow studied by G.O. Roberts serves as the model in this thesis. The first results detail the structure of the flow,Expand