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Sea surface temperatures in the subarctic northeast Pacific reflect millennial‐scale climate oscillations during the last 16 kyrs
Changes of sea surface temperature (SST) in the subarctic NE Pacific over the last 16,000 calendar years before present (16 kyr BP) have been inferred from the study of C 37 alkenone unsaturation inExpand
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Holocene fluctuations in Arctic sea-ice cover: dinocyst-based reconstructions for the eastern Chukchi Sea
Cores from site HLY0501-05 on the Alaskan margin in the eastern Chukchi Sea were analyzed for their geochemical (organic carbon, δ13Corg, Corg/N, and CaCO3) and palynological (dinocyst, pollen, andExpand
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Foraminifer isotope study of the Pleistocene Labrador Sea, northwest North Atlantic (IODP Sites 1302/03 and 1305), with emphasis on paleoceanographical differences between its “inner” and “outer”
article i nfo CoresraisedduringIODPExpedition303offsouthernGreenland(EirikRidgesite1305)andofftheLabradorCoastExpand
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Relationship between blood mercury levels and components of male song in Nelson’s sparrows (Ammodramus nelsoni)
Mercury (Hg) adversely affects the health and behavior of exposed wildlife; however, behavioral effects remain largely unknown. Changes in avian singing behavior may affect a male’s fitness becauseExpand
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The accumulation of silver in marine sediments: A link to biogenic Ba and marine productivity
[1] The concentrations of Ag and a suite of redox-sensitive trace metals (Re, Cd, and Mo) were measured in surface sediments from the Western Canadian, Mexican, Peruvian, and Chilean continentalExpand
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Early diagenesis and its relationship to depositional environment and relative sea‐level fluctuations (Upper Cretaceous Marshybank Formation, Alberta and British Columbia)
Early diagenesis of the Upper Cretaceous (late Coniacian to early Santonian) Marshybank Formation was controlled by depositional environment (composition of depositional water, Fe and organic contentExpand
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Organic carbon accumulation over the last 16 kyr off Vancouver Island, Canada: evidence for increased marine productivity during the deglacial
Abstract The organic carbon content of marine sediments is commonly used as a proxy for export production. However, in continental margin sediments a large fraction of the organic matter may be ofExpand
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Age validation of Pacific cod (Gadus macrocephalus) using high-resolution stable oxygen isotope (δ 18O) chronologies in otoliths
The Pacific cod (Gadus macrocephalus) fishery in Alaska is large and economically important; in 2014 its ex-vessel value was $203.8 million. Management relies on integrated assessments that employExpand
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Impacts of dwarf mistletoe on the physiology of host Tsuga heterophylla trees as recorded in tree-ring C and O stable isotopes.
Dwarf mistletoes, obligate, parasitic plants with diminutive aerial shoots, have long-term effects on host tree water relations, hydraulic architecture and photosynthetic gas exchange and canExpand
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Sulphur isotope geochemistry of pyrite from the Upper Cretaceous Marshybank Formation, Western Interior Basin
Abstract Variations in the texture and sulphur isotopic composition of pyrite in the Upper Cretaceous Marshybank Formation are linked to depositional environment. Abundant, framboidal (and lesserExpand
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