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The Edge of Islam: Power, Personhood, and Ethnoreligious Boundaries on the Kenya Coast
In this theoretically rich exploration of ethnic and religious tensions, Janet McIntosh demonstrates how the relationship between two ethnic groups in the bustling Kenyan town of Malindi is reflectedExpand
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Mobile phones and Mipoho's prophecy: The powers and dangers of flying language
In this article, I examine the ideologies surrounding the poetic forms of Giriama text messaging in the town of Malindi, Kenya. I argue that young people use rapid code-switching and a globalExpand
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Autochthony and “Family”: The Politics of Kinship in White Kenyan Bids to Belong
For white Kenyans descended from colonial settlers, the question of how to establish their right to belong in Kenya provokes considerable anxiety. Some whites attempt to suture themselves to KenyaExpand
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ALESSANDRO DURANTI (ed.), A companion to linguistic anthropology
Alessandro Duranti (ed.), A companion to linguistic anthropology . Malden, MA: Blackwell, 2004, 2006. Pp. xx, 625. Pb $39.95. Looked at one way, Duranti's hefty edited volume could be construed asExpand
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Extending conversation analysis to nonverbal communication
Abstract This paper reports on investigation of the application of the principles of conversation analysis to the non-verbal interaction of an aphasic speaker who has minimal verbal output butExpand
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Language essentialism and social hierarchies among Giriama and Swahili
Abstract Scholars have widely recognized essentialist discourse as a potentially pernicious means of conceptualizing categories of ‘race’ and ethnicity. What has not been so rigorously explored isExpand
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Mathematical analysis of perifusion data: models predicting elution concentration.
System models are constructed and analyzed for combined convective flow and for dispersion in distorting concentrations of a chemical signal as it passes through a packed column. We derive generalExpand
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Elders and ‘Frauds’: Commodified Expertise and Politicized Authenticity Among Mijikenda
Among Mijikenda of the Kenya coast, the male Kaya elders (azhere a Kaya) – custodians of sacred spaces and customary knowledge – traditionally undergo years of secretive ritual training andExpand
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Maxwell's Demons: Disenchantment in the Field
This is an account of the fluctuating spiritual beliefs of my research assistant, Maxwell, and me as we moved through his cultural world side by side—I, initially, as an agnostic ethnographer; he,Expand
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Liminal meanings: sexually charged Giriama funerary ritual and unsettled participant frameworks
Abstract This article analyzes women's obscenity in Giriama funerary songs, and argues that the unresolved meaning of these songs can be characterized in terms of the contests over their participantExpand
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