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Cytochrome P450IIE1 (CYP2E1) is induced by skatole and this induction is blocked by androstenone in isolated pig hepatocytes.
The results suggest that defective expression of CYP2E1 in some pigs is due to excessive concentrations of androstenone which prevent CYP 2E1 induction by its substrate skatole, and skatoles metabolism is reduced andSkatole is accumulated in adipose tissue. Expand
Regulatory and molecular aspects of mammalian amino acid transport.
Characterisation of androstenone metabolism in pig liver microsomes.
It is concluded that the rate of androstenone metabolism in pig liver microsomes is determined by the level of expression of hepatic 3beta-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase. Expand
Relationships between skatole and androstenone accumulation, and cytochrome P4502E1 expression in Meishan×Large White pigs.
The results suggest that the decrease in androstenone levels following castration affects the regulation of cytochrome P4502E1 expression, and as a consequence, results in a decrease in skatole levels. Expand
The relationship between adipose tissue skatole levels, rates of hepatic microsomal skatole metabolism and hepatic cytochrome P450IIE1 expression in two breeds of pig
The results show that the levels of deposition of backfat skatole in LW pigs are inversely related to the rate at which skatoles can be metabolized by liver microsomes, and this in turn depends on the level of expression of cytochrome P450IIE1 mRNA in the liver. Expand
The transport of glutamine into mammalian cells.
In SK-Hep hepatoma cells, knockdown of ASCT2 using antisense mRNA has been shown to cause apoptosis, and both the importance ofASCT2 in tumour cell growth and the regulation of AsCT2 expression are considered. Expand
Glutaminase isoform expression in cell lines derived from human colorectal adenomas and carcinomas.
These results contrast with those reported previously in hepatocyte/hepatoma model systems with respect to fuel selection, glutaminase activity and isoform expression and constitute the first demonstration of simultaneous expression of two glutaminases isoforms in a single cell type. Expand
The pig CYP2E1 promoter is activated by COUP-TF1 and HNF-1 and is inhibited by androstenone.
The results offer an explanation for the inhibition of CYP2E1 protein expression by androstenone in isolated pig hepatocytes and may be relevant to the low expression of hepatic CYP1E1 in those pigs which accumulate high levels of androstanone in vivo. Expand
The bovine renal epithelial cell line NBL-1 expresses a broad specificity Na(+)-dependent neutral amino acid transport system (System Bo) similar to that in bovine renal brush border membrane
The results are consistent with the presence in confluent cells of a broad-specificity Na(+)-dependent neutral amino acid transport system (System Bo) similar to that in bovine BBMV and it is argued that previous results in the literature are inconsistent with the occurrence of this broad- specificity system in other renal cell lines. Expand