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Improved postprandial glycemic control with insulin aspart. A randomized double-blind cross-over trial in type 1 diabetes.
OBJECTIVE Insulin aspart is a novel rapid-acting insulin analog. This study was performed to compare the postprandial serum glucose control after administration of insulin aspart with that ofExpand
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Carbon Dioxide Absorption Is Not Linearly Related to Intraperitoneal Carbon Dioxide Insufflation Pressure in Pigs
BackgroundCarbon dioxide absorption into the blood during laparoscopic surgery using intraperitoneal carbon dioxide insufflation may lead to respiratory acidosis, increased ventilation requirements,Expand
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Plasma half‐lives, plasma metabolites and anticoagulant efficacies of the enantiomers of warfarin in man *
  • D. Hewick, J. Mcewen
  • Chemistry, Medicine
  • The Journal of pharmacy and pharmacology
  • 1 June 1973
S‐(‐)‐Warfarin was found to be a more potent anticoagulant than R‐(+)‐warfarin in man. However, S‐warfarin was cleared more rapidly from the plasma; respective mean plasma half‐lives (from fourExpand
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Determination of serum progesterone levels using a direct125I-radioimmunoassay
SummaryA new conventional simple and direct125I-radioimmunoassay (RIA) for serum progesterone is described. In comparison with the classical tritiated assays which are preceded by extraction, theExpand
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The pharmacokinetics and bioavailability of cilazapril in normal man.
1. The pharmacokinetics of cilazapril and its active metabolite, cilazaprilat, were investigated in a three-part crossover study in 12 healthy male volunteers aged 19-38 years, excluding one subjectExpand
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Clopidogrel bioavailability: absence of influence of food or antacids.
Two open, randomized, crossover bioavailability studies were carried out to assess the influence of concurrent antacid medication and food on the bioavailability of clopidogrel. A fed/fasting studyExpand
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A pharmacokinetic study of cilazapril in elderly and young volunteers.
1. Cilazaprilat is an inhibitor of angiotensin converting enzyme (ACE) and is the active metabolite of cilazapril. The pharmacokinetics of cilazaprilat, and the inhibition of plasma ACE wereExpand
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Unexpected relationship between plasma protein binding and the pharmacodynamics of 2-NAP, a CCK1-receptor antagonist.
UNLABELLED WHAT IS ALREADY KNOWN ABOUT THIS SUBJECT?: * Two chemically diverse CCK1 receptor antagonists have been shown clinically to inhibit CCK-evoked contraction of human gallbladder [2, 3].Expand
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Multiple dose comparison of a whole 240 mg verapamil sustained-release tablet with two half tablets.
Twelve healthy male volunteers were studied in a balanced crossover comparison of an intact 240 mg verapamil sustained-release tablet (Securon SR, Isoptin Forte Retard) given once daily for 7 days,Expand
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The National Press during the First World War: Ownership and Circulation
It is now a truism that the British press reached an unprecedented level of importance during the First World War, never to attain such heights again. Among political leaders of the time David LloydExpand
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